That begs the question: if the targeted omnipotent entity wishes not to be stripped from their omnipotence and forced into servitude to the user, would their Omnipotence prevail over Meta Summoning?

If the answer is no, their Omnipotence would not prevail over Meta Summoning, then the targeted entity was not omnipotent, but only nigh-omnipotent, which means that we still haven't found a scenario in which "a truly omnipotent being" was successfully summoned through Meta Summoning.

However, if the answer is yes, their Omnipotence would prevail over Meta Summoning, then that means Meta Summoning is not capable of "summon[ing] absolutely anything/everything" like the description claims since "an unwilling omnipotent being" is something it cannot summon.

And so I must ask, DYBAD, in light of this reasoning, how do you justify the claim that Meta Summoning can "summon anything/everything"?

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