"Stop trying to make characters more powerful then they actually are."

Said character: "Literally the main user of Complete Arsenal, a form of Omnipotence".

Because apparently, controlling the infinite and literally becoming God is not powerful enough, i guess.

In the end, Ajimu has all the powers on this wiki anyway, and powers we will never be able to grasp. Saying "stop trying to make her more powerful than she is", given her condition, is quite redundant.

The question is more whetever she has specifically used a power for her to be specifically added on the power's page or not, because in the end, she has the power anyway.

About Alibi Block, well, Ajimu says she can be "wherever and whenever" she wants, so, what if she wanted to be "everywhere and everywhen"? i wonder if so. (And before you come raging with your "my word is law and everyone who disagrees is wrong, even if am proven wrong", Sage, i am not affirming she can, just wondering if she could)

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