@Consus: Um, no. I'm a mod on the main Superpower List site. That means that I don't have total control to create, edit and delete powers there. I can create powers. I can edit powers. I can keep them from being approved. For powers that have already been approved before I was appointed, though, I can't delete them.

All I can do is try to edit them into something better. And that site, I know, does allow some humor. This one, I realize, does not.

Also, I have only intentions to post powers I created on that site (and which were previously posted by me on Heroeswiki and Activating Evolution, two Heroes-based sites).

Unlike a few users here, I don't plan to jack others' work (I saw that one time that guy jacked one of the powers on your list of powers to be made; I don't do that kind of stuff; I'm creative enough to come up with my own, promise).

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