Notch doesn't ignore his fan base, he has nothing to do with minecraft anymore. He has no obligation to donate his money. Minecraft isn't full of a sexual predators, not saying there isn't any because all games have them. Minecraft is a kids game, so you're gonnna have kids on there being kids. How do you even get banned from Minecraft? If you're talking about from a server, then that's is entirely up to the server admins and owners.

Microsoft owns Minecraft, there really Mojang can't donate. Microsoft does a lot for charity. Terraria's fanbase isn't trollish or kiddish because it barely has a big enough fanbase, so you're not even gonna have such problems, often.

Minecraft has tons and tons and tons of mod support. A lot of them are super fantastic, and easily beat terraria. Minecraft isn't terraria, they're not exactly gonna add some cthulu lite bosses when most of the game you'll just be building and making magnificent structures, which you can't do in terraria.

Mobs and bosses mean nothing when you can just add mods that adds way more bosses, enemies, building materials, npc's.

Minecraft is the one that outclasses terraria in everyway, I've played terraria and it was fun for the first couple of hours, but really, it's just an even more repetitive minecraft that's a side scroller which makes even more boring.

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