I agree with that and I respect your stands on the matter. Just like SageM he just said that omnipotence is the " absolute truth " is by far the dumbest and stupidity thing Ive heard in my entire lifetime and I go to princeton university.

The problem with SageM is that he doesn't see things outside of his viewpoint anything that doesn't resonate with his ideologies its wrong in his mind.

I say all that to say this we can argree to disagree but just like you said we don't know because we are limited by our very nature. The best response any human has is we just have to wait and see.

And im wrong im wrong and im right im right.

Omnipotence is subjective its not the be all or end all now thats a absolute truth. I see it from your viewpoint as well I just think most people reject my viewpoint because they know at the very least its some validity to what im saying. And even if omnipotence is the be all end all omnipotence can create a power beyond it if couldn't thats not omnipotence. Its so mamy ways and augments about omnipotence that all of them hold some form of fact

But we can agree to disagree. Im not saying omnipotence is feeble. I am just Optimistic and have critical thinking skills and I question all things I just take what one tells me and take it a face value. That im saying.

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