The ability to adapt to doing tasks in different positions.

Also Called

  • Task Based Adaptation


User can adapt to doing tasks any kind of position they are in, making it easier to move or do tasks in that position. For example, if they are laying on their side, they could use a keyboard or wield an object just as well as they would in their normal position that they usually do it in.

The user can do things while upside down or arched backward, or in any position that is difficult to move and do things in, and be comfortable in them. This also extends to the position of other objects the user does tasks with, allowing the user to sit or stand upright while working with or using an object of any kind whether it is tilted or upside down.



  • May be limited to certain kinds of positions and/or tasks.

Known Users

  • Hank McCoy/Beast (Marvel Comics)
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