The power to gain powers by hosting technomagical beings in one’s body. Variation of Symbiosis. Combination of Magical Symbiosis and Mechanical Symbiosis.

Also Called

  • Magi-Mechanical Symbiosis
  • Magitek Symbiosis
  • Technomagic Symbiosis


The user can gain powers by hosting and/or combining with technomagical beings. These can include entities that are inherently technomagical, creatures that are made of magitek (combination of magical and technological material) or magi-mechanical objects grafted to a user’s body. Depending on the entity that forms the bond, the host is capable of wielding technomagical abilities. The combination enables greater power than simply magic or technology could provide, but as with most forms of Symbiosis, it can come with a price.




Known Users


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