The power to use technomagical symbiotic armor. Variation of Symbiote Creation. Combination of Magitek Physiology and Symbiotic Costume.

Also Called

  • Mystechnology Symbiote Armor


The user possesses a technomagical armor that is symbiotically bound to their body. This armor acts as an exoskeleton empowering them through arcane and scientific means, compensating for the weaknesses of the wearer on top of filling in the faults, blind-spots or shortcomings between mysticism and physics by making them complement one another, constantly augmenting and adapting itself and its wearer on the fly.





  • Armor may possess a mind of its own and attempt to take over the host.
  • The suits power tends to encroach its wearer, negatively affecting them.
  • User inexperience severely limits the capabilities of the exoskeleton.

Known Users

Known Items


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