The power to manipulate the tectonic plates under the Earth's crust. Sub-power of Earth Manipulation and Magma Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Tectonic Control
  • Tectonic Manipulation
  • Tectonic Plate Control
  • Plate Tectonic Control
  • Plate Tectonic Manipulation
  • Tectokinesis
  • Tectogenesis


The user of this power can move the tectonic plates under Earth's surface to devastating effect.
Tectonic Plate Manipulation

The Earth's major tectonic plates



  • User may only be able to control near tectonic plates
  • User may have to stand on or near a fault-line
  • It is a very hard power to control and may end up hurting the user and their allies

Known Users

  • Terra (DC Comics)
  • Geo-Force (DC Comics)
  • Rictor (Marvel)
  • Avalanche (Marvel)
  • The Goddess Of Earth (Charmed)
  • Neena (Charmed)
  • Big Bertha (Sanctuary)
  • Skaar (Marvel Comics)
  • Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed)
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