The power to transform into or have a physical body made up of telekinetic force. Physiology version of Telekinetic Force Manipulation. Telekinetic counterpart of Energy Physiology.

Also called

  • Telekinetic Mimicry/Physiology


User possesses a body made of raw telekinetic force, granting them a broad range of superhuman abilities.

Beginners rely on contact-based light bending to hide their true nature and appear as whoever or whatever they wish, the telekinetic force within emulating tactile interactions and generating low superficial heat, making them indissociable from an ordinary person by any mundane mean, while more advanced users essentially "wear" a two-dimensional "skin" that can telekinetically replicate any outward sign of biological life, allowing them to fool even advanced detection systems.

Their kinetically overcharged nature combined to their lack of material constraints allows them to move at incredible speed in any direction regardless of gravity without any effort, and unleash overwhelming raw force with the slightest touch, while their TK bodies can either focus into an impenetrable bulwark or seamlessly phase through whatever is thrown at them, and inherent attunement to kinetic fluctuations grants them extremely keen omnidirectional senses.

They can naturally absorb any kinetic energy in immediate proximity, even that animating more complex forms of energy (fire, light, plasma, sound, electricity, etc.), nullifying the effects while reinforcing their physiology, surgically redirect it to the source or any chosen target either immediately or by adding it to their next attack, and infuse objects or beings with kinetic energy to strengthen offensive potential and structural resilience, or simply induce an explosive self-destruction.

This highly flexible physiology can notably be shaped and weaponized on the fly, like growing numerous extensible TK blades as fast as a thought with potentially unlimited sharpness depending on the user’s level, shoot compressed needle-like TK projectiles with homing effect and extreme piercing power that explode after penetrating their target, and enhance their physiological weapons even further by supercharging them with telekinetically generated high-frequency vibrations.





Known Users

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