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[[Category:Rare power]]
[[Category:Rare power]]
[[Category:Fanon Power]]
[[Category:Fanon Power]]
[[Category:Non-Fighting Power]]
[[Category:Defensive Abilities]]

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The ability to negate the usage of telepathy. Sub-power of Telepathy and Power Negation.

Also Called

  • Telepathy Dilation


The user is capable of negating the opponent's telepathic powers through negation powers in ways that, he/she can negate all forms of attacks and assaults with connection in Telepathic powers.


  • Power Negation- to block the usage of the opponent's telepathic powers.



  • User can only negate and nullify effects of telepathy.
  • May only control in a short mode of time. 

Known Users

  • Emma Frost (Marvel Comics) through her organic diamond form.
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