The power to manipulate teleportation force. Variation of Teleportation and Teleportation Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Concentrated/Pure Teleportation
  • Teleportation Force/Power
  • Teleportation Power Manipulation


The user can use a strong form of teleportation. They can manipulate teleportation force, the force/strength, and generation behind Teleportation. When a user taps into teleportation force, they can perform powerful feats with ease and flexibility, when a user uses it, they can warp large amounts of mass to another location instantly.

For example, users can teleport themselves or others on a continental/planetary or even galactic level, warp huge objects (islands, mountains, planets) due to all the teleportation force applying on how much the user can warp and where to place it. Creative uses are creating weapons of teleporting force that can relocate anything it touches, emit a powerful aura that can detect any distance from them, projecting teleportation beams, unleash powerful warps that teleport anything within its radius, teleport massive armies away, etc.

Due to the overwhelming teleportation force, the user can manipulate trans-warping energies and create various kinds of warps in space-time, move without actually moving, etc.

Applications (General)

Applications (Detail)



  • User are limited to easier operations since normal Teleportation is more refined.
    • As the users teleportation strength rises, they're skill and precision remains limited.
  • User should be careful with small objects or they'll destroy it from the intense force.
  • Depends on the user level and mastery over this power.
  • Teleportation Immunity
  • Meta Teleportation

Known Users

  • Nightcrawler (Marvel Comics)
  • Lila Cheney (Marvel Comics)
  • Mabui (Naruto)
  • Consumption (Marvel Comics)
  • Vaarsuvius (The Order of The Stick)
  • Psychlos (Battlefield Earth)
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law (One Piece)

Known Objects

  • Cloaking Device (The Philadelphia Experiment)


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