The ability to possess physiological mechanisms that enables powers.


User has access to a mechanism (physiological or otherwise) that enables them the capacity/potential to develop certain powers. The mechanism does not bestow such powers onto the user, but will instead act to merely allow the user to develop them. This can be achieved through a number of ways, such as genetically, surgically or conditionally through some form of training program.

Most power users who gained or has their powers naturally or meta-physically will have a teletechnic whereas magic or divine gifted powers may not require one. However, not all power users of the former type may have one, and thereby gaining a teletechnic could be used to magnify or augment their powers and/or enable them new avenues of potential powers in a variety of ways.




  • As a physiological-based power, anything that hinders or impedes ones biology may affect ones powers and/or potential for powers.
  • Loss of the mechanism or part of the brain that houses/is responsible for ones powers may remove these powers too or may enable transferal.
  • Tumors may or may not affect ones powers either positively or negatively
  • Radiation may or may not remove ones powers.
  • The mechanism may be considered a foreign body/anomaly and so the users own body may try to get rid of it or may be removed via restoration.
  • Magical or Divine gifted powers bypasses Teletechnic mechanisms entirely and may not benefit or suffer from it.

Known Users

Known Objects

  • Medusa (King of Thorn)
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