The power to manipulate the personal time of an object's kinetic energy but not the object itself. Combination of Time Manipulation and Motion Manipulation. Not to be confused with Velocity Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Kinetic Time Control/Manipulation
  • Temporal Kinesis Control/Manipulation
  • Temporal Motion Control


The user can accelerate or decelerate the flow of time of an object's motion but not the object itself meaning that it is at an abnormal speed yet its non-locomotive functions such as thinking or computing are at normal speed, e.g. the user could accelerate a guided missile's temporal motion so it flies faster but its computer acts at a normal speed, preventing it from hitting its target.



  • May be limited to acceleration or deceleration.
  • May be limited to general motion and not for example the speed at one moves their fingers.

Known Users

  • Tempus Fugate/Clock King (Batman: The Animated Series); via Time Disruption Device
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