"I am beyond Speed."
― Hunter Zolomon/Zoom to Wally West/Flash (DC Comics)
"The boredom is excruciating! Fire the Accele-Ray! Its still boring, Faster!"
"But the fabric of the universe itself may shatter."
― Kang and Kodos (The Simpsons)

The power to use extraordinary speed to alter temporal reality. Combination of Time Travel and Enhanced Speed, Supernatural Speed or Absolute Speed. Technique of Overclocking.

Also Called

  • Mute Scream (Clockwork Planet)


The user is capable of using their extraordinary speed to affect the normal reality of time; for example, the user may be able to accelerate so fast that time appears to stop completely to them.




Known Users

  • Roger Smith (American Dad)
  • Hugo (Ben 10: Alien Force)
  • Kineceleran (Ben 10)
    • XLR8
  • Professor Paradox (Ben 10)
  • Marioman (Ben 10)
  • Hunter Zolomon/Zoom (DC Comics)
  • Speedsters (DC Comics)
    • Barry Allen/The Flash
    • Wally West
    • Bart Allen
    • Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash
  • Ren Fuji (Dies Irae)
  • Son Goku (Dragon Ball series)
  • Avenger/Edmund Dantes (Fate/Grand Order)
  • Daphne (Heroes); via with Ando's "Super Charge"
  • ZECT Riders (Kamen Rider Kabuto)
  • Users of Zone Speed (Mario Tennis Aces)
  • Quicksilver (Marvel Comics)
  • Metroman (Megamind)
  • Tracer (Overwatch)
  • Sir Edward Lampard (Seiken Tsukai no World Break); via Alkaid.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Dandy (Space Dandy); via traveling faster than the speed of thought
  • Arata Kasuga (Trinity Seven); via Chrono Calculation
  • Nozdurmo & The Bronze Dragonflight (World of Warcraft)
  • Oboro Shinto (Yuragi-Sou no Yuuna-San); via Godspeed
  • Steven Universe (Steven Universe)

Known Objects

  • Jaunt Device (The Jaunt)
  • Speed of the Hummingbird (Tooth Fairy 2)
  • Shard of Lightning (Xiaolin Showdown)

Known Locations

  • The Netherworld (Toji no Miko: Katana Maidens)


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