The power to prevent others from taking possessions. Not to be confused with Clairvoyance.

Also Called

  • Theft Prevention


User's possessions can't be stolen, the power acts as a trigger that automatically activates other powers when someone tries to take away, prevent from using, or steal something of users without their permission. The power may include both abilities that protect possessions, such activating Inertia Manipulation or Invulnerability on items, or powers such as Limitation Inducement on the would-be thief.

These powers only activate on things that are rightfully users, which includes items that are bought, inherited, received as gifts or won in a lottery. Items set on the ground or left out of sight are still considered users.

The power stops working on things sold, given away, or thrown at someone. The power does not understand loans, borrowing or other such temporary contracts - the power does not recognize anything given away as users until it is returned.



Known Users

  • Laura "Keepsie" Branson (Playing for Keeps)
  • Yumiko Cristina Ichinose (Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou)
  • You (Dora The Explorer)
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