The power to possess the abilities, powers, skills or talents that others believe user has. Sub-power of Uncertainty Manipulation. Combination of Power Randomization, Situational Strength and Reactive Adaptation.

Also Called

  • Speculated Power


User gains the abilities, powers, skills or talents that others believe the user has even if the person only believes it subconsciously. This power shines when used by someone who is very manipulative and cunning especially in combat.

  • Example Power) If the user says "Za Warudo" and the opponent thinks that they can stop time by saying this, the user will gain the power to stop time.
  • Example Talent) If the user enters an art contest and the other competitors think that they are a skilled artist, they will gain artistic prowess equal to the level of competency that they other competitors think that they have.
  • Example Skill) If the user is asked to show off their cherry stem tying at a party and they put the stems in their mouths, even if only the person that asked them to show off the trick believes that they will pull it off, the user will be able to do it.





  • Must have someone believing they have specific power.
  • The randomness makes it difficult to make strategies both before and during a battle.
  • While this power has limitless potential, it can leave devastating results without proper precautions.

Known Users

  • Akira Shiroyanagi (Battle in 5 seconds after Meeting)
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