• I don't understand how to make a page, or well, how to make a page that looks professional. I have two superpowers in mind, so I'm just going to post their description here if someone wants to write a page for them. Velocity- control your own bodies velocity, and thus be immune to velocity induced damage, such as bullets or blunt weapons, although still weak to elemental damage (frost, shock, fire). Be able to change speed and direction of any body part, enabling one to fly, or deliver high speed/mass punches and kicks. Control over bodies spacial movement allows for advanced acrobatics and in air maneuvers  Aura of Will- your level of power is equal to all others in the aura, meaning if one person is being affected, they're power level is equal to yours, but if multiple people are in the aura, their combined power is equal to yours, the catch being that in a 1v1 duel, the character with the stronger willpower prevails. As a side effect of always being evenly matched, this aura acts as the perfect training environment, resulting in the user becoming more powerful the more often they use it 

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