• I have seen countless incorrect wording, like "manipulation". this means only controlling not creating. Umbrakinesis which is the true "summon, banish, create(generate), destroy, and manipulate(control)" power of darkness is not the same thing. "darkness manipulation" will strickly be controlling and "umbrakinetic constructs" would be either creating, manipulating, or summoning depending on what kind of constructs. both being sub-categories of UMBRAKINESIS. This is only one example.

    Easy to understand:

    Summoning/Banishing = bringing or sending away an already made object (Naruto Frogs)

    Creating/Destroying = making or destroying an object out of thin air or materials (making fire)

    Manipulating = controlling an object already present (bending fire into a dragon form)

    Also Mimicry I sort of have an issue with. It is copying and not always a transformation, (like looking like a man; abilities of a cheetah).

    Also on an off note. I was looking in the gallery for symbiote, and see Ichigo in Hollow form. His hollow form is not a symbyiote.

    Oh and i believe powers that are STRICKLY a more powerful form of another (like absolute strength and supernatural strength) should just simply be put into one page. No need for excess unneeded pages.

    oh and i do not know if they made a category of "Non-Superpowers" but if not they should. such "powers" that would fall under this would be every "peak-human ability" for they are not super just at the best a human can be. and the symbiote seeing as that is another being on itself. the abilities the symbiote would grant are powers but the symbiote itself is not a power. it is more a armor or parasite.

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