• A few months ago I noticed that Caydeb was using a fake account to add and remove his admin rights repeatedly. I couldn't see what exactly he was messing with so I just asked why he was doing that, and then I messaged him, but he removed my message from the log completely. I didn't understand how, but I just left him alone then.

    Recently SageM noticed that someone had deleted one of his pages and left no traces on the log. He went and asked Kuopiofi and Gabriel456 if they had removed his page, but both said they didn't. SageM went to Community Central to ask for help, and the people there also noticed that it was Caydeb. They noticed that Caydeb somehow was using a VSTF account named Carlfish to remove the logs, and just today Carlfish removed Kuopiofi's bureaucrat rights.

    If we look in Special:Listusers, it says there are 2 bureaucrats, but if we click on the group, it only shows Caydeb. Looking at some logs, we see that an account named InsertUsernameHere69 is the other bureaucrat. Now these accounts (Caydeb, Caydeb1, Carlfish, InsertUsernameHere69) were all blocked by Wikia Staff, so now there aren't any active bureaucrats on the wiki. Since Kuopiofi's bureaucrat rights were unfairly removed, I'm creating this forum post to ask if you guys agree that Wikia Staff should add his bureaucrat rights again, and remove the bureaucrat rights on Caydeb's blocked accounts.

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