• I remembered seeing something about how Patapotence used to be its own power, but is now listed as an alternate name for Metapotence.

    Why is that? What happened that caused the Patapotence page to be deleted?

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    • There was a comment chain about it being made, but since it would be pretty much useless and there's nothing Omnipotence can't do, no one made that page.

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    • Patapotence never existed on the Wiki, it was only a subject of discussions.

      "Patapotence" falls in the "semantic abuse" category, in this case a word-based attempt to transcend that which inherently cannot he transcended (Omnipotence and its Metapotence variation, which isn't any stronger since such a thing is impossible, but simply more straightforward).

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    • Patapotence is a thing? Can someone tell me the latin in the name please...

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    • not latin, french.

      It came from 'pataphysics. it was an idea, who basically was the illogical side who transcendent omnipotence, based on the paradox of "if omniptoent being can do everything, she can create something stronger then herself", and other paradox form that kind, plus the fact that one of the definitions of omnipotence is posseseing infinite power over everything, and as math shows, there are more then infinite diferent infinitys, and then there is the inaccesible cardinal, which is like infinity for infinitys, and then above it there are other "things". the 'pataphysics idea was basically to put a power there, in this logicless insane place.

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