• So, In my book i'm writing, there are 3 main characters, two boys and one girl. The guys are wizards with certain powers abilities that that gives them:

    • Aura Manipulation (Energy Projection Basically)
    • Telekinesis
    • Limited Reality Warping
    • Elemental Manipulation

    For the girl, she is a Demi-God, Daughter of Apollo. What I'm stomped on the special ability her weapon gives her. For instance, they all have a special weapon ability:

    • The first Guy has a sword called "The Pheonix Blade" that increases his fire powers proportional to the exint of his predecessors that held the blade. It also gives him immortality, every time he's killed, his body turns to ash and reforms (Like a Pheonix) but the set back isvthe fist time, he reforms in 2 minutes, and every subsequent time after, the time limit increases times 2. 

    • The other guy has a sword called "Power Taker"...pretty self explanatory, lol. Every weapon he breaks with his sword, it's powers get absorbed into the blade indefinitely, and every person he cuts down with the blade, their powers and abilities get transfered to him indefinitely.

    The girls special weapon is gonna be a bow for duality with her father, but I'm stomped on what ability to give it. I'd like some suggestions if possible. 

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    • I don't know if this is a dumb idea, but what if everytime the bow shot an arrow, the user would be able to rewind time to the exact time the arrow hit the ground or the exact time the arrow hits another person, alternatively, what if the user could teleport to the area an arrow hit the ground or another person, maybe to make it less powerful, the user would have their power weakened everytime they teleported/rewinded time. 

      That was just my silly idea, though, it seems pretty overpowered to me, but then again, all your characters and weapons seem overpowered. (So overpowered, I feel like they would completely devour any tension, but it is your story, and Im not sure if you know how to fix the problem) 

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    • Omnipotence

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    • What about arrows that have a controllable trajectory? And to add onto that, the bow is able to redirect not just hers, but any projectiles. Meaning that bullets, and even attacks made against her, can be curved away before they hit.

      You could also have the bow shoot something that aren't even arrows? Maybe after they're shot, they're able to take the form of anything the user wants. For example, darts, stones, bullets, harpoons, rockets, missiles, and maybe even larger things that don't even fit into the projectile category, such as live animals and vehicles. I mean, imagine seeing a train coming at you at eighty odd miles an hour. You'd soil yourself... LOL

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    • The bow can kill or heal. Apollo was a god of many things medicine and archery among them. And if you want the weapon to reflect duality in a simple way let its arrows heal or kill by the will of the wielder.

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    • I think the idea of an always accurate arrow is pretty cool but it could be better if the arrow also came back to the shooter like a boomerang. So now, you only need one arrow which your character could have.

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    • Apollo was also the god of the sun, so maybe arrows that shine with the light of the sun, but your character will be able to manipulate it. So, as Brawley mentioned, she could use it to heal, or possibly poison, blind, etc. Another possible way to use them is shooting the arrows down a dark tunnel or something like that, and making the arrows glow so she can see what's ahead.

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    • I think Apollo was also the god of healing. Maybe the arrow of the bow would steal the life-force of the people (or other) it pierces.

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