• Glitches

    Anomalies within the system, neither fictional nor part of our reality, they rest within the realms of fiction but are not bound by it's laws or the authors which shape it.

    First off, what is the most powerful expression of existing outside the rules of a system, is it Freedom? Rule Transcendence? What?

    Secondoff, any other powers that would match well?

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    • Think about this. The boundary between our reality and fiction is the 4th Wall. The character would be inside the 4th Wall. That has to provide them with some pretty powerful 4th Wall awareness, manipulation, etc.

      Secondly, they would more than likely be able to influence the plot by interacting with the 4th Wall. This makes for some high-level reality warping.

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    • so impossible physiology firstoff and foremost, high level plot control, 4th wall awareness, and high level 4th wall interaction?

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    • Sounds about right.

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