• This is for all of you combat enthusiasts. Recently I have been conflicted. I have been thinking about which method of weapon crafting would be the best to use in an actual fight

    -In one corner you have the power to turn your limbs into weapon (ex: T-1000 and Alex Mercer) 

    -In the other corner you have good ol fashioned Constructs Creation (ex: Green Lanterns)

    I wanted to make a poll about this, but I couldnt. Feel free to reply with your pick

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    • Probably turning limbs into weapons, because they could in theory be stronger than a hardlight construct.

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    • Constructs require focus, attention to detail and imagination. If you've got patience and skill you can handle constructs. If not, shapeshifting limbs are the best way to go. Your biceps provide all the force you need, all you have to do is think and your arms become guns or swords or some other useful weapon.

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    • You make a good point, but what about maneuverability? If I could turn my arm into a sword, would I be able to fight with it the same way a regular swordfighter would?

      I mean, think of characters like

      Marshall Stone III (Marvel Comics)



      Kenji Uedo


      Both of them can warp their own bodies to make weapons in either fashion. WOuld it be better to make a sword that they could hold in their hands or to just turn their hands into swords?

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