• I am currently attempting to devise which fictional continuity or idea would hold the title of most powerful no matter what. I have narrowed it down to a few candidates, all of which display how the word of an author can be abused to the utmost limit, all of which entirely ignore the rules of omnipotence. If you want to argue that omnipotence cannot be surpassed or that these ideas/verses are just retarded, then please don't waste your time, as that is not what this discussion is about. It is a purely theoretical discussion for fun and as such we will take everything the respective creators say with 100% acceptance.

    The candidates are:


    Verse-And-Dimensions Wikia

    Penultimate Pataverse

    Almighty Powers Wikia

    Joke Battles


    As for which one I think may be the winner, I honestly am unsure and that is why you are here. All of these display uncanny ability to confuse the hell out of people and to bypass established agreement in regards to omnipotence, the separation of reality and fiction, and logic. Even so, as stated above, we will just deal with it, otherwise you are not contributing at all to the conversation.

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    • And yes I am fully aware that Joke Battles is a joke. Take it seriously anyways.

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    • I'll say.....Suggsverse? It's the ultimate in stupidity. So it could be the most powerful.

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    • I would say it is Patapotence but Suggverse could surpass it through sheer stupidity though.

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    • While Suggsverse has a very high stupidity level, let's consider the other candidates one a time.

      First here is something from the verse-and-dimensions wikia.

      Now just this alone would contain all of the Suggsverse. To my knowledge the greatest feat within the Suggsverse is when Zephyranth not only displayed the ability to hold the entirety of Suggsverse on her finger tip, but also destroyed it simply by blowing on it. This is actually seen in The Unwritten Chapters XXI, specifically on page 15.

      "Zephyranth opened up her hand to reveal The Suggsverse on the tip of her finger... only to blow on it, completely removing Suggsverse in its entirety from ever being."

      Let's take a minute to consider how the word of god statement from Suggs himself states that this character is above every character in the Suggsverse.....Now let's also consider that they say the Suggsverse specifically. I could make a character above Zephyranth, and the word of god statement fucks itself over because that character is not a Suggsverse character.

      Perhaps with that we could rule out Suggsverse? After all, verse-and-dimensions states:

      "While the Realium contains everything that is real, the Imaginarium contains everything that is not strictly real. This includes things that are just not real but also things that are both real and not real at the same time as well as things that are neither real nor not real or even things for which those properties don't even apply. Things that aren't even things, paradoxes, etc."

      Sooooo, all of fiction, including the Suggsverse. Yet the Imaginarium is an infinitely minor speck compared to things like The Omega Omni-Sphere or The Box or The Endless or The True God.

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    • Yall forgot Soraverse

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    • Wouldn't the endless be part of the imaginatiorum because the endless are fictional based on real concepts

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    • A FANDOM user
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