• That thread [the one where we decided whether we would go into a world of cute magical girls, fairies, monsters, etc.] just hit its limit. 500 posts. So I propose we continue it here!

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    • Yeah! Continuity!

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    • May we roleplay that cute world?

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    • Of girls, monsters, etc.?

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    • why not

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    • Will you let me achieve the ultimate evil dictator reality that I so yearned for? Please do that!

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    • yeah

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    • You might want to link to "that thread" in the OP.

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    • already did

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    • BEGIN ROLEPLAY|! Yojinma, introduce us!

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    • should we use nicknames?

      also, i'm not really good at english but I'll try my best

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    • You can if you want to, or you can stick to your own username.

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    • So just introduce your names or is there something else?

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    • Introduce your names. As in make a bio.

      My bio: Name: Andrew                                                                                                                                                                                  Age: 11                                                                                                                                                                                            Personality: Fun guy.

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    • and that's it.   wait your 11?

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    • Not actually. I'm older than that. But that's it.

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    • So I will be the one making yuor info ?

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    • I've made my info, you make yours.

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    • OK. how do I start the intro? 

      Introducing ANDY3556 or something? 

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    • Yeah. Call me Andrew. And introduce the others!

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    • from the previous thread?

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    • Introducing the people who will join me entering a world full of magical fairies, girls, warriors, monsters etc. ANDY3556, 12shzarmai, AlphaTheHD, Bluewindbag and JokuSSJ.

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    • got a room for one more?

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    • Can be. But after you we just put etc.

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    • so does that mean no?

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    • Yojinma wrote:
      Introducing the people who will join me entering a world full of magical fairies, girls, warriors, monsters etc. ANDY3556, 12shzarmai, AlphaTheHD, and JokuSSJ.

      Hello there, I am 12shzarmai. 

      Personality : Variable from Good & Evil to Chaotic and Neutral 

      Alignment : Chaotic Neutral 

      Age: ???? - Jokes aside, I am too shy to type it out. 

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    • Bluewindbag wrote:
      so does that mean no?

      No. I mean, after the new intro with you in it, we'll just write: "Featuring ANDY3556, 12shzarmai, AlphaTheHD, JokuSSJ, Bluewindbag, etc."

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    • Also, my character is a pacifist. Though when enraged he'll stop being a pacifist.

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    • Also, we NEVER say no to those who want to join.

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    • Bluewindbag wrote:
      so does that mean no?

      Hi there, Bluewindbag :)

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    • Also my char is a smart kid. Shall we begin?

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    • yeah! let's begin.

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    • [i'm the narrator too!]

      Narrator: Today... we enter Yojinma's world of magic. A world without any barriers or limits. A world withou borders.

      [cuts to me, looking at my cute magical girls]

      Me: Servants! Cook me the best cake you have! No pranks, no foolishness, no long recipes that take 60 years!

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    • (I am also a narrator as well, If that is okay)

      Narrator ; Today, we are in Yojinma's boundless World of fun. 

      ((cuts to me and my 50,000 member harem in an Amoral dark fantasy setting)) 

      Me: Okay! Today is when I classify all of you into your roles. 

      Harem Members : Yes sir!

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    • Narrator: In this world, you can be anything you please... a villain, a hero, or an amoral... there are no true limits. Both physically and figuratively.

      [back to me]

      Shy harem member: B-but.. what about-

      Me: SILENCE! I need one of you to go scour for the ingredients, and YOU'RE IT! Go to the woods, find the neccessary concoctions!

      Shy harem member- Y-yes, sir!

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    • Me: I;ve already given you short-bust students your social roles! Conform to them, or else...

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    • [can technology from modern times be featured, or do we need to use only nature?]

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    • I think we should only use Nature. Though we could just use both somehow.

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    • I'm gonna use nature.

      Back to RP.

      [the shy girl is running around the woods, scouring for the first ingredient [blood]]

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    • Narrator :- The 50,000 member Harem is made up of monster girls and female humans. 

      Me = Now then Six of you must serve me every night without question

      Narrator:- Three Voluptuous monster girls and 3 Large-bust female humans step forward. 

      Me = You will be rewarded for stepping forward first by becoming my Queens Zehahahahahahaha..........

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    • Narrator: Andy's harem only consists of normal, sailor-outfitted non-large bust high school girls. There are exactly 125 billion, 132 million, 980 thousand, 234 girls in it.

      Me: Now, 10 of you will be my slaves for 100 nights straight. Eeny, meeny, miny... YOU! 

      Narrator: One of them has taken a step forward.

      Me: How dare you display confidence!? REMOVE HER FROM THE HAREM! [three security girls beat her up until she is unconscious, and throw her in the river nearby]

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    • Me: Like I care about you in the first place... [gets up from my throne, while all the girls follow me]

      Me: LEAVE ME ALONE! [they all go back to my castle]

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    • [one girl is the sad one, the one who is constantly crying]

      [she approaches me]

      Me: MUZZLE YOUR WATERHOLE! [I slap her and she cries her way back to the castle]

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    • [the shy girl has found the first 3 ingredients: she runs back to the castle to report it]

      Me: What is your news, unneeded pawn?

      Shy girl: Ummm.. I j-just found h-half of the i-ingredients-

      Me: GO AWAY!

      [she runs away, while the other 125 billion girls watch her]

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    • Narrator: New girls come and go into the castle, to serve Andrew.

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    • [The scene fades into a mysterious place where monsters and demons are imprisoned]

      Gorbel: What do you think of these new monsters, master Vulcan? I've been saving them for last.

      Vulcan: Hmm... I'd say they're all USELESS!!!!! [Erases all the monsters from existence] Now that that's out of the way, GORBEL!

      Gorbel: [Rushes towards Vulcan, quickly] Yes, master!

      [Horror music plays. Vulcan stares at Gorbel, menacingly]

      Vulcan: [Asks Gorbel politely] Bring me a glass of water, please. I'm really thirsty.

      Gorbel: Oh, right. I-I'll go get it right away.

      [Vulcan sits at this throne and reads a book about the One Man Army]

      [The scene fades to a spooky forest that shows me, a warrior wearing a gold knight armor facing towards the campfire and started meditating. After that, I opened my eyes and looked at the sky getting darker.]

      Me: [Sighs; whispers] Where are you? 

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    • Also, technologies like airships, motorbikes, etc. exist but powered by supernatural things example: magic.  

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    • Okay.

      [the scene cuts to my castle]

      Harem member #23: I have some ideas about castle reform...

      Me: They better not be useless!

      [she says her ideas]

      Me: STUPID IDEAS! [she is promptly beaten up and thrown into the mirror]

      Shy harem member: [she is scouring the woods for the 5th ingredient, when she bumps into you]

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    • Shy harem member: Y-y-you better not... [she blinks a little to find out thar you're a warrior, then she promptly screams and runs around before fainting]

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    • Narrator: Hmmm... we missed Andrew's harem size by a GIGANTIC margin! Turns out there's 125 trillion 439 billion 696 thousand 999 girls.

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    • [one of the harem members takes a step forward]

      Me: What do you have to say, stupid fiend?

      Harem member: Well... it seems that the shy girl has bumped into a certain person... His name begins in a Y.

      Me: Good enough. 

      Narrator: Man, how do we keep underestimating Andrew's harem size? 

      Narrator's math assistant: Sir, girls are constantly joining his harem! And- ohh, there goes another 12 million girls.

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    • Ark Cipher
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    • [Scene fades to a waterfall in a spooky forest with 5 very beautiful girls who are sorceresses taking a bath]

      [4 girls are playing at their bath while the other one gets out of the bath to get dressed up. After that, she hears a scream in the spooky part of the forest. All the girls gasped as they looked at the direction where the scream comes from. Revealing a purple sludge monster with a body made of acid] 

      1st girl: [shouts] What is that thing!? 

      2nd girl: [Putting clothes on] Whatever it is, we better kill it soon! [Creates a magic circle that shoots a powerful black beam destroying the monster but regenerates back afterwards] 2nd girl: It can regenerate? Great!

      3rd girl: What now? 

      4th girl: Let's just get the hell out of here! We can't kill that thing!

      2nd girl: Why?

      4th girl: I've heard rumors about an unkillable monster! I think it's this one! 

      2nd girl: You think? 

      [The monster approaches the girls and tries to eat them]

      Purple Monster: I'M HUNGRY!! 

      5th girl: [Shoots the monsters head off with a staff] Come on! This way! Hurry!

      [All the girls ran away until the monster was out of sight]

      Purple Monster: [Roars and creates small acidic monsters from his body] FIGHT ME!!!!

      [A sword projectile cuts the monsters arm off. The monster looks at the direction where the projectile comes from, showing a knight wearing a gold armor]

      Me: [Whispers:] Blob.

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    • [shy girl is following you]

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    • Shy girl: AAAH! WHAT WAS THAT!? 

      [meanwhile, in my harem, 20,000,359 girls are in one giant bath]

      Girl 400: Man, this water is great! Wish I could be in it forever...

      Girl 78,788: [takes a sip of the water, then blacks out]

      Girl 120: What!? We've been in poison water!?

      Girl 30: We have to rebel!

      [all the girls who decided to rebel afterwards are beaten up and thrown in the nearby river]

      Narrator: Wait, WAIT. Andrew has INFINITELY many girls!

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    • Me: [receives a message from shy girl, who says she found the last ingredient but forgot the way back]


      Shy girl: [runs away from you to go back to my castle]

      Narrator's math assistant: B-but that's impossible! There are infinitely many girls in this world already! Does he own all the girls!?

      Narrator: [facepalm]

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    • Narrator: Hmm... Some girls have numbers SO large not even Andrew can say them all!

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    • [Scene cuts to an abandoned ruins]

      Fox: Hey, dude!

      Me: Yeah?

      Fox: I've been waitin' a long time to fight you. So are we doin' this or what?

      Me: Okay then, let's go!

      Fox: [Rushes towards me and beats me up until I fell into the ground]

      Me: [I stand back up and punched him rapidly, even though he's blocking all my attacks] 

      Fox: You ain't seen nothin' yet! [Creates a sword made of iron and attacks me with it]

      Me: [Tried dodging all his attacks but got injured at the end] That all you got? 

      Fox: You gotta death wish? Here! [Creates an iron monster and eats me]

      [I obliterated the iron monster by creating a plasma bomb inside it]

      Fox: No wa- 

      Me: [Punches him before he could finish talking with my carbon steel fist that emits plasma blasts or explosions. Then I finished him off with a powerful explosive uppercut]

      Me: Ye-e-ah! [Faints later]

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    • Narrator: Huh.. that was a lot. Back to Andy! [fades back to my castle]

      [lots of girls work in the salt mines as my slaves: I then sell the treasure for money]

      Me: Tell me, economics girl, HOW MUCH MONEY DID I GATHER!?

      Economics girl: It seems you gained 200 million pieces of currency... [what's the currency of this land?]

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    • [Currency is Treasure or TT]

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    • Economic girl: It seems you gained 200 million TT...


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    • [their job is to mine and find any valuable materials]

      Me: Now... to go check up on the girls.

      [100 girls carry my golden seat, as they tirelessly walk to the mines]

      Me: [sees the girls, using pickaxes to mine out every last crystal] Hmmm...

      One girl in the mines: I... DECLARE... A REVOLUTION!

      [she and 10 others run to me to try to stab me, but 12 of the seat-carrying girls beat up the revolters and harvest their hearts]

      [all the others are too shy to revolt, seeing their friends die for revolution, so they continue to work]


      [they stop mining and carry it in bags]

      Me: That's a lot.. Now... GET BACK TO YOUR JOBS

      [scene cuts to me on my throne]

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    • Cuts back to me 

      Narrator : This harem needs to get bigger, because Andy's harem is way TOO big lol. So this harem increases to 500,000 members including human girls and monster girls. 

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    • [Scene fades back to me and the purple monster]

      Me: [Whispering;] Here we go. Also, who was that girl and what's she doing out here?

      [The monster's sludge pulled my sword away and begins to attack me. I dodged him and moved towards my sword to pick it up. As soon as he tries to eat me, I swing my sword as fast as I could to kill the monster but he regenerated back to his normal form. The monster turns his body into a wave of acid to drown and melt me to death. I then extend the length of my sword's blade and make it light as a whip and swing it around to create a vortex of wind to prevent the acid from entering my flesh. Then the monster turns back to his physical form and I finished him off by placing the sword into his head, leave it there, and punching him repeatedly as hard as I could until he melts away. After that, I collapsed to the ground and woke up in the morning]  

      Me: [Whispering;] What........happened?

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    • Narrator: Some girls are leaving the harem... ONLY TO JOIN ANOTHER ONE. Seriously.  Maybe 12shzarmai took some of the girls? I dunno! I mean, Andy has an infinity of servants... 

      Me: [whistling a song, as the girls in the mine dig and dig] I'm considering gifting some of my exquisite girls to the others in the world. Shall I do it? YES!

      Shy girl: [peeks at you, before running back to you] I can explain...

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    • Me: Offers for 100,000 girls are in! Costs 1,000 TT!

      [the advertisement girls run to the other nearby harems to advertise]

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    • Shy girl: I was looking for the 6 ingredients needed for the secret soup Andy is making... Can you help me d-do it?

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    • [also, ALL my girls are female young humans without big breasts, wearing Japanese high school outfits]

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    • Narrator : 4 Lizardman monster girls approach the protagonist 

      The Lizardman monster girls : Husband! We have to give birth to your children to make the overall lizardman race stronger. 

      Me : Okay, that is fine. I just need to get more wyvern, salamander and dragon monster girls to be part of my harem. 

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    • Narrator: [moves the camera to your harem] It seems that 12shzarmai is planning on having children, or something. [chuckles a little bit]

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    • [scene fades to the mine room, where the girls have discovered a lot of gold]

      Me: That's some gold... Now I'll sell it!

      [cuts to the forest, wehere advertiser girls are advertising]

      Ad girls: Get this gold for 100,000 TT!

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    • [scene goes back to my throne, that is now in the "incubator room"]

      Narrator: [goes to the room] Here, Andrew is breeding girls to strengthen his harem. While all the girls are human, some are cute to distract others, some are strong despite their size and some are charismatic.

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    • [Scene cuts back to me and the shy girl]

      Me: [Whispering;] Soup?! [Suddenly, I feel pain coming from my hands] Gah! [I looked at my hands and I noticed bloody wounds] Sorry.... I can't.... I'm not feeling well.

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    • Shy girl: Okay... [she sees the sludge, then sees that it's the last ingredient] YES! [picks it up and runs back to me]

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    • Me: [Whispering;] Wait a minute.... that sludge.. [The sludge reminded me of the monster I fought before] Crap! I gotta warn h- [I felt the pain again and crouch to see the wounds closer. Then I noticed a purple liquid oozing out of my wounds] No.... 

      [Scene fades to Vulcan watching me through his crystal ball seer]

      Vulcan: Hmm.....  So the monster does exist. Interesting.

      Gorbel: [Walks toward Vulcan carrying his lunch] Lunch time, your greatness.

      Vulcan: Oh! Goody!

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    • Shy girl: [goes back to you] What?

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    • [the shy girl soon interrupts and shows up on the crystal ball

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    • Vulcan: [Watching at the crystal ball while eating] It looks like the monster manage to enter his flesh. Soon he'll be controlled by tha- [chokes and coughs real hard]

      Gorbel: Master, please! Drink if you want to talk while eating.

      Vulcan: I know! I know. [Drinking and burps a little] Whew.

      [Vulcan notices the shy girl]

      Vulcan: Hey,it's a pretty lad- [chokes and coughs real hard again]

      Gorbel: Refill, master?

      [Vulcan nodes yes while coughing] 

      [Scene cuts back to me]

      Me: [Several of my bones snapped and I screamed very loud] AAAAAGH!!! 

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    • Me: [Scene fades back to me waking up and yawning] Good morning world! [Ran towards the next city] 

      Mysterious girl: [Watches me in the distance and starts following me]

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    • [scene AGAIN goes back to the shy girl, as she is crying because of the pain that the sludge is causing her]

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    • [Uh, am I butting in? How can I join in on this? <_<]

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    • [Just say "the scene cuts to" or "scene fades to" and then put the name of the place where you're gonna start. ex:the scene cuts to an abandon ruins]

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    • [Scene cuts back to me and the shy girl screaming in pain. After that, the sludge monster emerges from my wounds and regenerates back to normal. Few hours later, a stranger playing a yoyo walks toward this direction] 

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    • [the shy girl finds that a certain material is immune to the effects of the sludge, then makes a glove out of it: the pain stops and she runs back to me to make the soup]

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    • [The stranger notices me screaming in pain and calls for help using his scroll. As soon as he finishes using the scroll, the monster jumps on him from behind] 

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    • [the shy girl is back at my castle: she actually is only shy in front of me]

      Shy girl: Here's y-your ingred-d-dients...

      Me: I waited an ETERNITY for this! You get 3 years of having to be alone in the forest! NOW GO AWAY! 

      [the shy girl cries out of the castle, as she was actually abused by me because she didn't follow my orders: she wants to die in the forest]

      Me: [in a 4th wall break, I read that text] AND YOU'RE IMMORTAL, SO DON'T TRY KILLING YOURSELF!

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    • [the other girls are shocked]

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    • [Scene cuts back to me running towards the next city while jumping over small buildings and objects] 

      Me: Whew! I made it. The city where people love to brawl. 

      [Throwing knife coming from behind nearly scratched my face and hits the ground]

      Me: [Picked up the knife] Wha? [Looked at the direction where the knife comes from] Nah. [Put the knife inside my pocket. Started whistling] 

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    • [the soup is brewed, and the shy girl didn't go to the forest [she is the sad girl from now on due to her crying]]

      [the sad girl has run to that city]

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    • {Gotcha}

      [The scene cuts to deep space, where a lonely, bus-sized asteroid floats along aimlessly. In the dim light, a figure can be seen, limp and unconscious, imprisoned to the space rock in chains of an ancient and alien nature. The sillouhette is somewhat tall, and the shape of wings can be seen dangling helplessly on either side.] 

      [The being stirs.]

      [Chains rattle.  One chromatic, ever-shifting eye opens.  His restraints begin to tighten...]

      [And then a snapping of metal.]

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    • Also, you can have a harem of cute girls if you like. Considering that this is now space, I reccomend to you that you make them alien girls.

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    • [an astronaut is scared because he heard the metal]

      Astronaut: Are they... aliens? I gotta report this to SETI!

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    • ANDY3556 wrote:
      [an astronaut is scared because he heard the metal]

      Astronaut: Are they... aliens? I gotta report this to SETI!

      {In that case, my character has been imprisoned for thousands of years, so he needs to go find a new harem I guess.}

      [My eyes flash open, noticing the foreign spaceship off in the distance. "...Good..."   I flex, and the rusted vibranium chains snap with little difficulty. ]

      [I extend my hand, and focus. I haven't done this in a while, so it's more difficult than it should be. ]

      [After a moment, the ship buckles, and as my fist closes, it bends and crumbles in on itself like a soda can. I hear the screams of the astronaut as he is crushed within moments, and his vehicle becomes nothing but space debris.]

      "... you won't be reporting to anyone, fleshling."

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    • Scientist: It can't be! I never thought aliens existed! 

      Scientist #2: Oh my god! Now we have a variable for the Drake equation!

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    • Both scientists: [scared]

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    • [as my eyes readjust, my sight extends across the universe, hundreds of thousands of light years to a single point: a dead planet, covered with what once were cities, towns, kingdoms; as well as forests, oceans, mountains and much more.... although now it was nothing but a barren wasteland, devoid of life. Only just beyond the horizon of the planet flew a being of continental size, covered in massive writhing tentacles,  alien appendages and countless eyes. Its gaze shifts, as if it noticed my remote vision from across reality. I smile.]

      "-You did what I asked?-" [I say to it in my mind]

      [The being focuses closer, a gigantic, hulking abomination peering through space back at me. A slow, echoing voice answers mine.]

      "-Yes, my King. Their world is no more.-"

      [My smile grows.]

      "-Good. You've done well. They have payed for taking the lives of my people. Come to me. We have much to discuss.-"

      "-Yes, my King.-"

      [The being writhes and unfurls its full massive scale, forming a portal just big enough for it to fit through. As he does this, I hear a dull humming sound, and another portal opens, covering the horizon as the eldritch horror glides effortlessly through. As the portal closes, we lock eyes, face to face.]

      "-Like I said, we have much to discuss.-"

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    • Both scientists: [contemplating what has just happened]

      [meanwhile, two peaceful aliens have come onto that same location]

      [one of them sees the future and wants to tell you]

      Peaceful alien: If you didn't know.. in the future you will-

      Peaceful alien #2: No spoilers, man.

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    • [the first peaceful alien's name is Xeno, and the second's name is Lok]

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    • [I glare at the two aliens.]

      "You're both from that planet of seers and mediums. I've been there before."

      [I jump onto the back of my eldritch Servant]

      "You will tell me nothing. I won't have your vision tampering with my destiny."

      [With that, a titanic portal opens, and the gargantuan being and I slide through]

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    • Xeno: [mind-blown] But we're just-

      Lok: I told you, no spoilers! The gods up there need no quaint sentences revealing main plot twists!

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    • [Scene fades to a room where I rested. I opened my eyes, looked around and I see a table with a bunch of scrolls, a bunch of elixirs and a giant cross-shaped coffin. Then a person enters the room]

      Maru: [Standing next to the wall] You're finally up. 

      Me: [Whispering;] Where am I?

      Maru: In my room. My comrade called me to take you in and fix you up. He also blew up the monster that was attacking you. Feeling better? 

      Me: [Low tone] Yeah. [Looked at my hands and noticed that the wounds are gone] Much better.

      Maru: You're in an all-men island. If you're hungry, food's downstairs. I'm Maru by the way.

      Me: [Low tone] Cool. I'm Yojinma.

      Maru: Dope name. 

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    • [Xeno and Lok are shocked, so they float back to their seer planet [named Kitia]]

      Kitien #1 [a denizen of Kitia]: Hi, hi. Life is so boring, you know. I already know what you're gonna do and stuff...

      Young Kitien: Aww, shoot! My dad won't let me get the new game that's out! I hate him!

      Xeno: That guy was so scary... Can I tell the secret now?

      Lok: Yeah. He's not in our vicinity!

      Xeno: He's a monster and he is planning something big- [Xeno struggles to say the rest, because it's become second nature for him to randomly stop in the middle of sentences if Lok thinks it's a spoiler]

      Lok: Say it... He's not near us!

      Xeno: He's planning... a plan to enslave all alien civilizations!

      Lok: Oh man. That makes up for us spoiling the gods!

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    • [meanwhile, that ship that was destroyed captured everything, eldrich mosnters and stuff]

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    • [sad girl soon goes to Yojinma to tell him about her sadness]

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    • [she doesn't know where he ACTUALLY is, and she is hallucinating from her sadness]

      Sad girl: [hallucinates Yojinma laying on the street[

      Sad girl: Is... that... you? [soon, the hallucination turns into a dark monster representing everything the girl hates about herself]

      Sad girl: [lays down on ground] WHYYYYYYYY!?

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    • [Scene cuts to Maru walking towards me]

      Maru: I have a question.

      Me: [Low tone] What?

      Maru: Who is that woman? [Points at sad girl who is captured by the guards]

      Me: How did she get here?

      Maru: I'm guessing a friend of yours?

      Me: Nope. I don't know her. But she's not bad so, why don't you tell them to let her go?

      Maru: I'm afraid we cannot do that. Women are forbidden to enter this island, unless the king agrees to do so.

      Me: I see.

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    • [sad girl wonders why she is here, but tries to make up a story for how she got here]

      Sad girl: I was just wandering in the street, then hallucinated a bit and passed out... [the hallucinations kick in and she sees everybody as a guard]

      Sad girl: AAAH! [she tries to punch a guard]

        Loading editor
    • [After sad girl explains what happend, the king told the guards to bring her in]

      Maru: I can't believe the king let the woman in. 

      Me: [Low tone] Is not a bad thing, right?

      Maru: It is. The previous kings never let a woman set foot on this island. The reason? Some of the previous kings were slayed by women. Now the king has some other reasons for letting a woman enter this island. We shouldn't let our guard down. Who knows, maybe she's a spy from the Amazons. I hear that the queen plans to eliminate the king.

      Me: For what? Why are they planning to kill him?

      Maru: No idea. Let's go. 

        Loading editor
    • Sad girl: I am not a spy! I am just a normal, [her eyes get teary because of the abuse from me] sad,sad girl... I need help! [whispers] The kings are misogynistic...

        Loading editor
    • [she is being watched by me]

      Me: SHE IS NOT IN THE FOREST!? HOW DARE YOU! TELEPORT ME TO THAT DAUGHTER OF A [censored] TO TEACH HER A LESSON! [the scientist girls teleport me with their device]

      Me: [a flash and a noise, then BAM! i suddenly pop up] My slave.... 

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts to sad girl captured by the guards] Guard #1: Silence.

      Guard #2: The king wants to see you.

      [Random guy looks at ANDY]

      Random guy: Whoa! Who's that guy?

      Guard #1: Who are you? 

        Loading editor
    • Me: I'm her owner.. .Some of you may know me for having a giant harem of girls, AND THAT GIRL IS IT! She disobeyed me and instead of going to the forest, like she should have, SHE WENT HERE! SAD GIRL, GO TO THE FOREST! [I whip her and she runs to the nearest forest] ...Aha! [I run away]

        Loading editor
    • Guard #1: Should we do something?

      Guard #2: Just got an order from the king. Teleport her to the safest forest. Not in this island.

      Guard #1: Ok, teleport her to the safest forest!

      Stupid guard: What?!

      Guard #1: Teleport the woman to the safest forest!

      Stupid guard: Got it! Teleport her to the darkest forest! [presses the teleporter button]

      Guard #2: Oh no.

        Loading editor
    • Me: [runs back] The stupid guard? He ACTUALLY did a good job! I wanted to send her to the darkest, most despicable forest on there! For she has disobeyed me! Don't EVER let her escape, until exactly 3 years after she entered the forest.

        Loading editor
    • Stupid guard: Woohooo! Hahaha! I teleported her to the darkest forest! [doing a jig dance]

      Maru: I knew that was bad idea.

      Me: Just how dumb is that guard.

      Maru: As dumb as an old man. 

      [The stranger that help me popped out of the ground]

      Jun: What did I miss?

      Maru: This is Jun, the guy who helped you out. 

      Jin: Hey.

      Me: How's it hangin?

      [Scene fades to Vulcan watching from the crystal ball]

      Vulcan: Hmm.... Yojinma. That name rings a bell. And that guy with dozens of harem girls interests me.

      Gorbel: [Ran towards Vulcan, quickly] Master! There's something I gotta tell you!

      Vulcan: Well then. Speak!

      Gorbel: He's alive.

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    • Me: If anybody is watching, my name is Andrew. Trivia.

        Loading editor
    • [Scene fades to a cruise liner in the middle of the sea. People celebrate as much as they can.until an enormous storm occurs. The tides are getting larger and larger. And most of all, an inhuman sound can be heard from the depths of the ocean.]

      Girl #1: What was that?

      Guy #1: It's probably-

      [Monstrous sound occurs before he could even finish talking]

      Guy #2: Seaquake? Yeah right.

      Girl #2 [Hugging her boyfirend] I'm scared.

      [The sound stopped for a moment]

      Guy #3: Hey! It stopped...

      [The monstrous sound occurs again but this time, even louder. Storm gets stronger, the tides got even larger than before. Then the people ducked down and covered their ears]

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts again to a watery ocean planet several light-years away. Nearby, outside of orbit, a portal opens, revealing a titanic being not from this universe, with an angelic, but nonetheless menacing figure atop the eldritch steed. The scene changes again to a massive glacier in the center of the ocean, in which an ancient blade has been frozen in place for millennia. I dismount my servant, and gradually descend to the ground far below, eyes gleaming, scanning the frozen wastes for my prize.]

      [I pinpoint its location, and take a deep breath. Eyes now closed, and hands poised as if to catch something, my aura begins to manifest, a feint glow of emerald green. In the far distance a sharp crack of layer upon layers of ice breaking resounds, and after a moment, a sword, sleek and lithe, forged of darksteel, flies end over end over the horizon towards me. My arms tense, and in a swift motion I catch it perfectly by the handle. As I touch it, it crackles and vibrates a similar green energy.]

      "Ah.... Grimace, how I've missed you. Such a fine blade."

        Loading editor
    • "-Shall we go, my King?-"

      [The eldritch being peers down at me with its endless eyes.]

      "-Yes. Let us take our time. No need to rush anymore. I want to enjoy being alive again.-"

      "-Understood, my King.-"

      [As we glide leisurely through space, I proceed to ask it questions.]

      "-...Tell me, how long has it been?-"

      "-1/17000th galactic rotation, my King.-"

      "-... that long..."

      [I stared vacantly forward for a moment, then glance down at my blade. It shimmers and vibrates.]

      "-Well then, tell me this... Did you give the discordians hell for what they did?-"

      "-Yes, my King. I fought them every moment you were gone. The moment I finally annihilated them was the moment you awoke, Master.-"

      [Now looking vacantly at my hands, lightly clenched]

      "-Good. The evils they committed will never be repeated, thanks to us. They payed for every life they took, every life they ruined, with their own. As it should be.-"

      [I look up into the starry void, thinking.]

        Loading editor
    • Alien ship captain: [passing by] Hmm... we need to log these monsters. [clears throat] Hello, galactic kings... We want no harm to your civillization- and how long is one galactic rotation?

      Scientist: One such rotation is a little over 12,000,203.2344 tikiquaknars. [the tiki prefix means 200 of something]

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    • {A full galactic rotation is around 230,000,000 years, but that's only for earth so idk who would know that out in space. One 17,000th galactic rotation is about 13500 years}

      {I guess a tikiquaknar would be like 20 earth years, so then a quaknar would be .2 earth years}

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    • [it's complex]

      Alien ship captain: We do not want to do any harm to your civillizations. We're just a small fleet collecting resources.

        Loading editor
    • [As the ship approaches out of hyperspace, I snap out of my daze.]

      "Oh. Um... State your name and planet of origin, captain. Who do you serve?"

        Loading editor
    • [Scene fades back to the cruise liner in the middle of the ocean. Storm raging, tides increasing and then an enormous serpent-like creature emerges from the deepest part of the ocean. It's mouth is so big, it could swallow an entire island. Now it's about to eat the cruise liner.

      Guy #3: [Screaming;] WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

      [But as soon as the serpent gets closer, the ship disappeared in an instant. As if it teleported. The cruise ship reappears near the city]

      Girl #1: What just happened?

      Girl #2: The storm is gone.

      Girl #1: So is the monster

      Girl #2: Thank god.

      Guy #2: Well, whatever that was, it's gone now.

      [Scene fades back to the middle of the ocean. 5 more serpent-like creatures emerges from the depths. They all separated and on their way to the dry land. They all roared together and begin their assault]  

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    • Alien captain: My name is Glokser, my planet is TALBOT-120 and I serve the United Galactic Federation.

      [on earth]

      Sad girl: I hallucinate very often...

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    • "Ah.... you must be the descendant of Yinser, grand general of the Talbot militia. At least that's what it was called long ago.... How fortunate."

      [I scratch my chin, then look down at my servant below me.]

      "-Servant, change your form into that of a humanoid. Or at least something comprehensible to these fleshlings.-"

      "-As you command, my King.-"

      [The eldritch being warps, writhes, and rapidly shrinks in size, from roughly the size of Madagascar to around my size, with a rather humanoid appearance but with far too many eyes and tentacles.]

      "-That'll do for now.-"

      [Flying towards the ship]

      "Your leader and I have things to catch up on. I demand that you take us to him. No harm will befall you or your crew as long as you comply."

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    • Alien ship captain: Okay then... And I'm Yinser's grand-nephew, too! [the ship is flying to the house of the United Galactic Federation]

      Scientist: Ooh, I'm the captain's brother- Sorry... I'll provide you with the number-crunching and the units! Quaknars, lokfers [length unit equal to 12 meters] and stikoors [unit of weight] alike!

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    • [also the house of the UGF is called the Federational Home, located on the capital planet of Talbot [where the ship was deployed] which is in the Upper Region of the galaxy: Talbot alone has 10 billion people on it]

        Loading editor
    • [also the current date is 10th Flarbot, 23,459.444

        Loading editor
    • [Scene fades to outer space. A damaged spaceship that looks like a eurofighter typhoon is headed straight to planet earth] 

        Loading editor
    • [the Talbot ship sees the eurofighter and thinks it's a threat, shooting it]

        Loading editor
    • [75% of the eurofighter ship is damaged, but the ship managed to escape and lands on an empty beach, located in the city where Bluewindbag is fighting]

      [Scene cuts to Vulcan with a shocked face]

      Vulcan: Where is he now?

      Gorbel: I... don't know. But he wants to see you. He just spoked to me through my mind.

      Vulcan: [Low tone;] Alright then. [Suits up to his battle armor] I'm off now. [Creates and walks in the portal that leads to outside of his castle. Camera focuses on his castle's location with blood puddles in a dark realm] 

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    • [the Talbot also flies to earth, but a few kilometers from where the Eurofighter is located

        Loading editor
    • [Meanwhile, the Talbot commander ship is returning to its home planet, as I am making conversation with Glokser about the state of the UGF]

      "You know, for a fleshling, your great-grandfather was quite the tactician. He single-handedly outsmarted an entire fleet of Krarkith ships. Steered them into an asteroid belt as they came out of hyperspace."

      [I chuckle slightly.]

      "...I remember he came to my home once, pleading with me to end his war for him. If I had such Grand power, then why not use it, he asked? As much of a genius as he was, he knew not what he spoke. It was not my place."

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    • [Meanwhile, the now humanoid eldritch Being is staring out the window, motionless, as if witnessing a series of events unfolding somewhere far away... possibly earth?]

        Loading editor
    • [the UGF have seen you, and seem  to think you're a danger to their leadership]

        Loading editor
    • Glokser: He-he... It all comes to the genes.

      Scientist: NOPE! Genes have NO effect on tactical ability.

      Glokser: Okay, I meant that it comes down to years of learning. My great-grandpa wrote a book on the thing, and we still trust it as a guide to stealth 50 years later! And he's still alive...

      Glokser's great-grandpa: Ohhh, I remember those days...

        Loading editor
    • Glokser: Also... may we mention... [turns off microphone to UGF millitia] the UGF is pretty much in collapse. The people are struggling, our currency [the liks] is going down... We're considering making a new currency called the quid [the Quasi-United International Denominator], and Talbot is separating! [turns back on microphone]

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    • [Scene fades back to the city where I was fighting. Ran towards the empty beach and rested by the sea. There, I noticed a eurofighter smoking and is about to crash on the far side of the beach. I ran towards the crashed eurofighter]

      Me: [Stopped near the ship] Whoa! Spaceship! Cool.

        Loading editor
    • [a stranded alien on a sub-commander Talbot ship that crashed here says something]

      Stranded alien: Hey! What enemy ship is this!?

        Loading editor
    • [I hid behind the bushes and saw an alien as I look back]

      Me: [Low tone;] Aliens! They're real! Why am I surprised? I know they're real. [Hid behind the bushes but with more cover]

      Me: I gotta get out of here. [Ran away but I stopped and looked back. Sighed.Thinking about helping the alien in the crashed ship] I can't believe I'm doing this [Breathed then ran back to the crashed ship]  

        Loading editor
    • Stranded alien: Ehh... [coughing from the dust of the ship] Hello, earthling... Whoever you may be, I'm [speaking in a language with sounds that are impossible for humans to replicate] and I controleld a ship. But this other enemy ship came in and we blew it up... Hehehe...

        Loading editor
    • [the alien tries to get up, but is tired: let's call him Unspeakable, since his name is unspeakable]

        Loading editor
    • Me: O...kay. [Scratching my head. Couldn't understand] I'm... just gonna help this other alien ship instead. 

        Loading editor
    • Unspeakable: The ship was incinerated. Nothing to find there. Also, [gets up and dusts off] there's a secret.

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    • [Scene cuts back to the ship, which is newly arriving at planet Talbot]

      " looks different from when I last saw it... to be expected after being absent for so long."

      [Turns to Glokser briefly]

      "Thank you for obeying me without objection. I'll be sure to give you a nice souvenir on my way out. You won't have to worry about resources after I'm done."

      [I give him a confident smirk and move towards the doorway of the ship, gesturing for my servant to follow, which he does.]

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    • Glokser: Hehe, okay... 

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts back to me]

      Me: O..kay then... I guess.... I'll be going now. [Turned around and walked away with my eyes looking behind. I quickly hid behind the tree and then I watched the alien's actions]

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    • (ill be joining)

      [Scene fades to a laboratory of some sort]

      Mad Scientist: Hehehekh..HAAAHAHAH *cough* *cough*. Its finally done my greatest creation.Combining the most powerful master's soul with the most powerful body was the most ingenious of ideas.

      [The scientist is standing in front of a a huge transparent tank.Within the tank resides a man]

      Mad Scientist: Its time to awaken O! Great! Ascheriit!

      [I awaken. A huge explosion occurs.]

      Me: Wh..where am I? AGHHHH!

      [I feel an extremely painful headache which soon disappears. That's when I realize I'm standing in a huge crater; one that spans a mile.]

      Me: Who am I? No I..I am Ascheriit but.. AGHH!

      [I decide against trying to remember but instead walk North I suprisingly feel life from that direction]

      [While trying to keep my mind of the "why" of everything I realize I seriously am in need of clothes]

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    • Other assistant: Scientist, this is genius but DANGEROUS! We could end the world!

        Loading editor
    • [goes back to Bluewindbag, watching Unspeakable]

      Unspeakable [let's call him Tux]: [walks towards you in a menacing manner]

        Loading editor
    • Me: [Talking in my mind;] Uh-oh. [Ran away at full speed]

        Loading editor
    • [scene cuts back to planet Talbot. Having left Gloksir and his crew of scientists in their ship, my eldritch servant and I have just approached the doors of the UGF building. My servant appears to be using one of its many eyes to witness the turn of events happening on earth, and sees the crater]


      [Zooming in closer, sees a disgruntled figure shambling northwards]

      "-. . .-"

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    • [Scene cuts back to me as I feel someone or something is watching me I immedietly look back challenging whatever was spying on me and I felt that it ignored me after a while]

      Me:The hell was that!? It felt inhuman*shivers*

      [Though I try not to think about it,there was no doubt something ominous was on this planet.I could feel its presence]

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    • [Scene continues]

      [As I walked north i found myself in a forest and as soon as I left the forest I get slammed by a truck but due to my strong body i wasnt hurt but the truck came to complete stop in order to avoid tipping over]

      Me:Ouch.That hurt a bit that stupid metal truck...wait

      [I know I have never seen a truck before in my life but how do I know what it is.It seemed knowledge had been Implanted into me. The driver comes out and speaks in a language I have never heard before but I understood it completely and could even speak it myself]

      Driver: *throws away his cigar*You..You how did you survive that.This truck aint normal it can bulldoze through steel like knife through butterl!*takes out a gun*Wh..What are you!

      Me:Whoa! Calm down buddy im just your..Your friendly neighborhood superman.*smiles*[Speaking to myself]What am I even saying;Who the hell is superman!?.

      Driver:Dont give me that shit! I know who you are so dont F*** with me alright!

      Me:You do?[I felt bit relieved at this point since i didnt know who i was myself]

      Driver:Yeah your the cops new lapdog,that Peacekeeper weapon I keep hearing about.I didnt know it was this good;you look exactly human.

      Me:[speaking to my self]Thats because I am,fool!!

      Driver:Goodbye ya piece of shit *fires gun*

      Me:Ehhhh!?[Speaking to myself]What the hell I just wanted peace,friends and clothes!!

      [As the bullets close in.Though I may not remember who I was,I do remember what I was;a fighter.My body hadnt forgotten i could feel the bullet;its speed,power,how it connects with everything and its flaws.I find its flaws and gentely touch all except one bullet which I flick back at the hostile driver.Instantly 10 bullets turn to dust and one hits the driver in the head]

      Me:Woah,that actually felt refreshing[Speaking to myself]I guess I'll take the truck and this idiots clothes.*puts on suit**sits in truck*.[Speaking out loud]lets get this show on the road!

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    • [then, I get bored with the harem, and swim away and let all my girls free]

      [I swim to a nearby place, then go on that road]

      [I'm standing in the shadows, using my cellphone]

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts to me where i am about to leave but feel the presence of life in the truck]

      Me:Wait there are people in this truck

      [I get out of the truck and open the cargo box only to find 20 women who are in shackles and have grim faces]

      Me:Hello?..Um your free to go you know.

      [My efforts are in vain apparently these women slaves have been emotionally scarred,so I decide to do things differently]

      Me:Um..I'll take you people to a safe place.I know![suddenly the police pop up in my mind] I will take you to the police office ok..


      [I decide to close the cargo box knowing it would be futile to try anything else.While I walk towards the driver's seat I notice presence nearby since it didnt seem hostile so I prioritize taking the women to safety,But i make sure to intimidate the presence using my bloodlust,alerting it to think twice before getting in my way]

        Loading editor
    • Me: HEEEEY!

        Loading editor
    • Me: [feeling scared from the intimidation]

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts back to me running away from the beach to the city. The mysterious girl continues to follow me] 

      Me: [Stopped] Hmm? [Looked around from behind] Huh... [Scratching my head using my index finger. The mysterious girl placed a nano sized device on my shoulder, then I started running again. The device is beeping slowly] 

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts to me as I notice the presence which I Intimidated calls out to me.So i use my Flash Step technique to instantly appear before it only to realize it was a boy]

      Me:Hey brat you called?

        Loading editor
    • Me: Yeah, sure! And who are you?

      [back to Bluewindbag's world]

      Mysterious girl: [looking at you, as if she is intent on tracking you: she takes slow steps towards you]

        Loading editor
    • Mysterious girl: I had a dark past... and YOU'RE the culprit.

      [to Truly Lost Idiot's world]

      Me: I'm an average boy, doing stuff... And I'm playing a game on this phone! Did you think I owned those woman slaves? If you did, then you were dead wrong!

        Loading editor
    • Me:Honestly I did think you owned them until you called me out.What i mean is you calling me proved that unless you had a deathwish you werent the culprit.As for why I am here is to confirm that if you know anyone who might know who I am.If you do I will teach you my Flash Step technique that doe....

      [All of a sudden I nearly faint due to extreme pain throughout my entire muscle and nervous system but manage to look fine through sheer willpower]

      Me:[Speaking to myself:Shit! Even if this body is strong i should've known that it wasnt ready for martial arts.The Flash Step is strong enough to turn a well trained man to goo by just using it.I should train later for now I should just use my Flow Mastery which puts no burden on me.]

      Me:*cough* Anyway it lets you move at superspeeds and erases your presence so it feels to the enemy that you teleported and the best part is once your used to it you can use it infinitly.So you got any info for me? And a rumor will do just fine

      Me:To help you know what i want I will tell you a few things that might give you a lead;I woke up at a crater south of here and  felt something ominous while walking here and the only useful lead I have is a man calling out to me saying "Awaken O! Great Ascheriit!" before I awoke at the center of the crater as if I had caused the formation of the crater myself.

        Loading editor
    • [Scene fades back to the empty beach. A female human-like alien appears behind the bushes, looking at her ship damaged. She uses her earpiece to call for backup but failed. Then she notices Bluewindbag's hands stores incredible energy and her ship needs it]

      Female Alien: Hmm... Those hands might be useful. [Turns invisible]

        Loading editor
    • Me: I know somebody... But they're not avaible for me to contact, sorry... I still want to learn your technique!

        Loading editor
    • Me: That person's name is John. But he's hiding. And I'm not faking all this! Believe me. He knows you, but he hid himself from the world. Is this enough?

        Loading editor
    • Me:I know you have potential but.....hmm...Fine I will teach you on one condition though that you wont reveal this technique to anyone else.Deal? I dont want the bastards who bought me into this world to know.Oh yeah one more thing do you know his full name that would help a ton

        Loading editor
    • Me: Yeah... Kinda. I know that his surname is Brighton, but I'm not sure about his middle name. And I won't tell ANYBODY else! I'm keeping it to us two.

        Loading editor
    • Me:Great! Well before the technique you will have to train that body of yours.Get ready for intense training!

      -*Training Montage*

        Loading editor
    • Okay...

      [1 training montage and a half later]

      Me: [though I still look like the normal young boy I am without muscles, I do have a ready body] Am I done yet? [passes out]

        Loading editor
    • Me: [in my mind] Wow... I feel all this power rushing all over me... But I know, cuteness is the greatest weapon, so I gotta hide it... 

        Loading editor
    • Me: [now speaking] Ehh... I feel like I'm out of my body!

        Loading editor
    • [Scene fades back to the Talbot Federation building as I see myself and my servant through the entrance gate. I fling open the doors to Yinser's head office.]

      "Well well... it really has been too long, my old ally."

        Loading editor
    • Me:Andrew you may stop*drops cold water on you*

      Me:Though that was the shortest training montage of 5 minutes you might have realized you passed out super quickly but dont worry i was deliberately sapping your strength and now I can proceed to use a technique that only works when one is exhausted to the limit.The technique is a rare legendary technique that isnt used in combat it helps a person open their ki vessels which lie dormant in living things.How do I know this you ask, well I dont know either since my memory is in shambles right now.Well this will hurt a bit so forgive me[Speaking to myself:Well alot actually but cant tell him that can I]

      [I put my hand on your forehead]

      Me:Evoke Vessel!

      [All of a sudden the land below you and me cracks,Thunder clouds form,Tiny rocks start floating as if a great power was awakening]

        Loading editor
    • Me: 5 MINUTES? Okay...  I'm super weak- [the tiny rocks injure my head] OW, OW, OW! I NEED A HARD HAT! [runs to a construction building]

      [in Scorpio's world]

      Yinser: Sure...  [the president is sitting in a chair, and is prepared to attack you]

      [to Idiot's world]

      Me: Is it the time NOW for me to learn flash stepping?

        Loading editor
    • Me: [still running from the rocks: I see a hard hat and put it on] [yawns] Thank god this exists! So, when do I get to learn Deus Ex- [clears throat] I mean, Flash Step? 

        Loading editor
    • [in Scorpio's world]

      President: Hello. Whoever you may be, [shivers a bit] we are not letting you attack. [the Security Council looks on as if they're sure you're a threat]

      Yinser: Guys, he was my old friend-

      President: It's just your memory.

      Yinser: No. After all, we live to 800 years old, and I have only 102. Only when you reach 700 do you really get forgetful.

      President: [thinks a bit] Oh.

        Loading editor
    • [to idiot's world]

      Me: and WHY DID YOU SAP MY POWER? I could have put it to use to get ready for Flash Step and- wait... that tiny rock technique, it surely must tire you... do I have to pray to something? Yeah- yeah, I feel empowered for some reason! I could punch you with a swift- [punches you swiftly] WHAT? I didn't do that!

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts back to me and the mysterious girl]

      Me: Okay. I don't know what you're talking about but I'm out of here! [Instantly ran away from the mysterious girl]

        Loading editor
    • [the girl knew that you would run away, so she ran towards you]

        Loading editor
    • [I ran as fast as a jet to escape from the girl]

        Loading editor
    • [she did so too: she has replicative power]

        Loading editor
    • [Scene fades to Vulcan entering a dark, spooky, evil-looking realm]

      Me: There's no need to hide, brother. I have return.

      [Red glowing eyes appeared in the darkness, looking at Vulcan, menacingly]

      Vulcan's brother: [Very deep, low tone;] Step forth, brother.

      [The two brothers then shake hands and became a single entity]

      Vuclan and his brother fused: Yes. I feel reborn. Soon.... Everything will be under my control.... They will call me.... Vulgrimm! The Omnipotent King! 

        Loading editor
    • Demon: I kinda think that Vulgrimm is a- [stops talking out of paranoia]

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts back to me running away from the girl]

      Me: Gotta hide [panicking] G-g-gotta hide! Where should I go?! Home? No, too obvious! [I saw a large rock] That's it! Under a rock! Okay. Here I go. [Jumped high and then smashed the ground with plasma explosion, causing earthquakes, creating a smoke to cover my tracks. After that, I ran towards the rock and hid underneath]

        Loading editor
    • [the mysterious girl detects you, but goes to the rock and etches "kronos" on it as to signify that you have little time: she then disappears in a blue supernova]

        Loading editor
    • Me: [Peaking] She's gone? [Threw the rock away] Yes! It worked! [Laughed happily] Maybe I should do that more often. [Started running towards the city at full speed while the device behind the back of my shoulder is still beeping] 

        Loading editor
    • [the device starts beeping at seemingly random intervals: it's actually morse code for "you have little time"]

        Loading editor
    • [the girl is trying to remind you of it: she soon pops up and says "you have little time" before disappearing]

        Loading editor
    • [a meteroid is coming toward the city]

        Loading editor
    • [the beach has -.. --- / -.-- --- ..- / -.- -. --- .-- / .-- .... .- - / .. / .- -- / - .-. -.-- .. -. --. / - --- / - . .-.. .-.. / -.-- --- ..- ..--.. / - .... . / -.-. .. - -.-- / .. ... / ... --- --- -. / --. --- -. -. .- / -... . / .- / .... ..- --. . / -.-. .-. .- - . .-. engraved on it]

        Loading editor
    • [After that, I continue running towards the city to get something to eat. I stopped at a place called Andre's Awesome Diner. Even though the inside looks like a five star restaurant]

      Me: Whoa! No wonder it's called awesome diner. But this place looks like a five star restaurant. Oh, well. [Sits down on a fine looking table set. I read the menu and a waiter approaches] Hey, waiter. Give me 5 jumbo sized cheeseburgers, 5 large frech fries, and 5 cool sodas with straws, please.

      Waiter: Yes, sir. Coming right away.   

      Me: Alright. [I noticed the beeping behind my shoulder but I didn't care] Meh.

        Loading editor
    • [the device soon makes a hologram with "go away, the meteroid is gonna hit the city" on it]

        Loading editor
    • [the screen in the restaurant has that too, and the mysterious girl is watching]

        Loading editor
    • [The waiter then places the food on the table]

      Waiter: Here you are, sir. Enjoy. [Walks away]

      Me: [Picked up the fork and spoon] Yummy! [I noticed a hologram behind me and started thinking] Meteoroid? Hmm... [I looked at the window, then I looked back at the food in my table and repeat the same thing 5 times] Oh, forget it. [Ran outside to destroy the meteoroid]

        Loading editor
    • [the meteoroid is a big dot in the sky: the mysterious girl is behind you]

        Loading editor
    • [she looks like a blue-haired anime girl with a long-sleeved shirt and skirt: she is on the meteoroid at the same time]

        Loading editor
    • [she has a frown as if she knows that it's too late: she is angry at you for not listening and punches you really high towards the meteoroid]

        Loading editor
    • [she then takes the kinetic energy from the punch she made in the past and redirects it to you while you're on it]

        Loading editor
    • [she bursts into tears because she knows it's gonna hit the city no matter what]

        Loading editor
    • [though it's a result of one of many possible timelines: you CAN stop the meteor]

        Loading editor
    • Me: Yep. Totally deserve that! [Before I got to the meteoroid, I charged up all my energy, channel it to my hands, and fire a blast so big, it disintegrated the meteoroid completely. I then fell to the ground unconscious]

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    • [Scene fades to the empty beach, camera focuses on the ocean. A Monstrous sound can be heard]

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts to me.I stop andrew's fist]

      Me:Calm down.Your overflowing power is taking over.

      [You soon calm down]

      Me:Great! I know you had potential! Either way onto to the next step,try to supress your inner ki and try to release it in a sudden burst but try not to release it outward release it within so you can have continous use.

      Me: Well just keep on trying with your potential you should be able to do it without my supervision and if you cant......

      [I start walking towards the truck and I look back]

      Me:Then I guess I chose the wrong person

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    • [Scene cuts to Vulgrimm returning to Vulcan's castle]

      Gorbel: Welcome back, master- [Shocked] master.... Vulcan?

      Vulgrimm: You may call me Vulgrimm from now on, Gorbel. 

      [Vulgrimm sits down on Vulcan's throne. The entire castle is shaking. And then it starts transforming into an even bigger and more evil castle. Finally, it flies outside and grew bigger than the planet earth]

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    • [idiot's world]

      Me: You didn't. I'm sure that I'm the right person. [takes a deep breath, then lets my power flow over me] Ahhh... I feel so relaxed... So, can I flash-step?

        Loading editor
    • Me: Ohhh, I can. [the power is relaxingly flowing in me] And I did it. [flashes to the nearest store: though I take another deep breath to relax beforehand]

        Loading editor
    • Me: [my inner ki bursts within as you said] Guess I'm ready. [turns to you] Thanks, dude! Your technique is gonna help a ton!

        Loading editor
    • Me: [I walk out in confidence, but turn back one more time] And I promise, nobody else is gonna know this technique. Nobody else. G'bye! [walks out to the nearest candy store: reaches it after a solid 30 seconds of walking] Can I have a lollipop?

        Loading editor
    • Me: Ya you can but I will be leaving now,just make sure to master that technique by the time we meet again since you wont master it overnight.Adieu

      [I quickly move to the truck seat using my flow mastery and start driving the truck]

      Me:Ok now......Train potential disciple check.Next to the police office and after that Brighton

      [A few minutes later]

      Me:*facepalm*Should've asked where the nearest city was.Oh well let's leave it to fate shall we?

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    • Me: [turns back again] Adios! [turns to candy man] And, as I said, can I have a lollipop?

      Candyman: Yes, which one?

      Me: The RGB one seems nice... But I'll take orange.

      Candyman: Okay, here's one!

      Me: Thanks! [I quickly flash-step a short distance to keep on walking]

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    • [Few hours later,a city shows up in the distance]

      Me:Finally,oh there is a sign[Sign reads"Garevamp City"],Garevamp huh?Unique name.

      [After entering the city i go to the first person I find]

      Me: Um..hello do you know where is the police office.

      Random:Police office oh you mean police station?Ya turn left go straight and take the third right and you will find what your looking for.



      [I quickly find the police station,get of the truck and call to the police officer]

      Me:Hey you!

      Random Cop:Me?

      Me:Ya you come here

      Random Cop: Ah,yes sir what is the problem?

      [I quickly show him the women and tell him that i beat up the kidnapper,he swiftly runs off inside and a few cops show up.One by one all the 20 women get off but what i didnt expect to see was a cute little girl around 8 years old to come out;She had dark blue hair;almost black but with a blue tint and she had light blue eyes like the vastness of the ocean but unfortunately she had not even a single drop of hope in them]

      Me:*Clenches fists*[Speaking to myself]Even little girls like these,scum all of them.

      Random cop: The commisioner wants to see you


      [I get bought before the commisioner he asks me a few questions especially how I beat the kidnapper.I tell him I heard a girls voice inside the truck while I was asking for directions and since I knew martial arts I subdued him when he got hostile.The commisioner lets me leave and gives me a sum of money for giving them a lead on a criminal organisation but when I am about to leave I feel he smirks at me but when I look back he is just looking through his papers.Leaving the office I find a nice hotel from the cops recommendation.

      Me:Finally a place to sleep.Its been a busy day.

      [My eye catches a mirror,curious about my looks as I had forgotten them too I stand infront of it to see a man in his  mid 20s with black hair and red bloodshot eyes]

      Me:Most intruiging

      [All of a sudden I feel the urge to sleep so I lay down on what seemed the most comfy bed in the world and slowly drift off to sleep] 

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    • Sad girl

      A girl with this look appears. She looks at the 8-year old as if the 8-year old was her sister.

        Loading editor
    • [the girl thinks that you were the culprit, and then grabs your body]

        Loading editor
    • [i forgot to add, she teleports to you beforehand]

        Loading editor
    • [Scene fades to a shipyard]

      Worker #1: [Stops working] Whoa, what's that?

      Workers #2 & 3: Huh? 

      [The serpent creature suddenly emerges from the sea and open it's mouth real wide, eating the entire shipyard. Some the workers screamed and other workers tried to ran away but everyone got eaten by the serpent] 

      [Destruction and explosion sounds] 

        Loading editor
    • [in Vulc-Vulgrimm's lair]

      Demon: I think the name Vulgrimm sounds stupid.

        Loading editor
    • Vulgrimm: [Obliderates the demon] Defy me and you die. 

      Gorbel: [Clears throat] Yes, master.

      Vulgrimm: Hmm... [A vision occurs in his mind. Begins laughing a little] I had a vision.

      Gorbel: W-what is it?

      Vulgrimm: A bunch of weaklings are planning to overthrow me.

      Gorbel: I see.. [Starts thinking about the vision but Vulgrimm erased his memory about the vision] W-what? What just happened? I blacked out for a second?

      Vulgrimm: I'm hungry. 

      Gorbel: Huh? [Confused a bit but still understands] Oh, right! I-I-I'll go make some. [Rushes to the kitchen] 

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    • Demon #2: Me too.

      Demon #3: Me three.

      [10 demons say this]

        Loading editor
    • Demon #11: Listen, guys, I think the name is the best possible for our master and-

      Demon #12: Whatever, "Vulgrimm" sounds edgier than the child of My Chemical Romance and a flash mob!

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    • [All the demons' memories are erased and now, they're all forced to follow Vulgrimm's commands]

      Vulgrimm: Now that that's out of the way, why don't we all relax and enjoy the show.

      [Everyone's watching at the crystal ball, showing a serpents creature devouring everything in it's path] 

        Loading editor
    • [one demon is disgusted but keeps looking at the creature]

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts to me unconscious on the ground being watched by someone through a giant screen in a dark laboratory] 

      Scarge: Hehehe..... That's the guy who stopped the meteoroid? He doesn't look so tough.

      Cod: Don't be fooled, Scarge. That boy may have some incredible power under his sleeve. Who knows, maybe he's even stronger than you.

      Scarge: What're you saying? That kid can't hold a candle to me.

      Vydas: Silence. Go to your rooms... Both of you. Now.

      Scarge: Yeah, yeah. [Spits at the ground and gets punched by Vydas]

      Vydas: And get rid of that habit.

      Scarge: [Groans. Walks away] 

      [Vydas inserts a serum on a capsule, showing an incomplete sapien-like body]

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    • [a bystander is there: it's not me]

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts back to the 1st serpent destroying everything from the shipyard to the city. Then cuts to another city being attacked by the 2nd serpent, then cuts to a resort island already attacked by the 3rd serpent. Scene then cuts to me departing the island of men] 

      Me: I'll be going now. Thanks for everything, guys.

      Maru: Hey! You forgot something. [Throws a red scarf at me] You're gonna need it when you face something real strong. Use it wisely.

      Me: You got it. 

      Maru: Take care.

      Me: You too, bro.

      Jun: Goodbye, bro! You can visit anytime!

      Stupid guard: Be sure to fight with a bucket on yer head! It helps ya all the time!

      Me: Riiight. 

      Stygian: Farewell, brother.

        Loading editor
    • [cuts to sad girl's forest] 

      Sad girl: [sees a teleporter, but trips on it and gets teleported to the misogynistic island]

        Loading editor
    • Cuts back to me

      Narrator : Now the protagonist has amassed a gigantic harem or different monster girls including nekomatas & nine-tailed kit sune youkai and curvaceous female humans.

      Me : Now that I have a massive harem. Time to declare war against the neighbouring beastman tribes that have causing trouble for my great empire (The Great Gbagyiland Empire).

      Narrator : This marks the beginning of a conflict of domination and conquest. The four minor beastman tribes have been raiding frontier villages of the Great Gbagyiland Empire, so the protagonist (The Emperor) declared war against them.

      Me: Welcome gentlemen and ladies, I am here to tell you that I am officially declaring war against the four minor beastman tribes.

      Chief Imperial General Lawrence: Your Majesty, that is all right and all but who you will send to defeat and subjugate the despicable beastman tribes?

      Me: Don't worry Lawrence, I will be sending Tanko Kumagawa to oversee this war.

      Chief Imperial General Lawrence and the Five Imperial Generals :- Tanko Kumagawa?! The Infamous Former General that crushed and subjugated the savage Giant tribes?!

      Me: Yes. I am sending him because he knows the terrian well and he is very experienced. Unfortunately he is no longer an Imperial General but if he succeeds in this War against the beastman tribes, I will return his former position back to him.

      Narrator: Later on, on the green grass plains of Yojinma's World's Fifth Continent 500,000 Imperial Profesional Soldiers of the Great Gbagiland Empire set out to meet the opposing army which consisted of 45,000 werewolves, tiger men, lion men and armadillo men. A regional conflict begins!

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    • {Scene fades to the sea, showing the two serpent monsters approaching the biggest continent and destroy it all] 

      4th and 5th serpent monster: [Roars very loud that the whole world can hear it]

      [Cuts to me riding on a yacht] 

      Me: Huh? [Looked at the sea from left to right] Omen.

        Loading editor
    • Narrator: [takes a deep breath, then runs back to narrate] Ahhh yes... Wait. What? Andrew is not in his harem, and he should be here! What!? [goes to a room to see the script, but instead sees a huge schedule detailing everything that happened before and that's supposed to happen after] Wait... so we can ignore the harems and stuff? Oh jeebus... So... Andrew learned a new power. Let's run back to 12shzarmai. [goes to 12shzarmai's harem] They're starting a war? The story... am I dreaming or is it just me? Ehhh.. [goes back to script room, seeing a green line] This is the story line. It tells us where we need to be. [walks a bit, following the line, but sees that narrator 2 is narrating on a conflict] C'mon! I wanted to unleash this twist later in the story! The story line has spoiled us. I'll try to veto it from contributing anything to our story. Wait... it all makes sense now. Destiny is bound to control me. Ehh, I was talking about plot twists and stuff and schedules and- [the world is shaking because the narrator didn't follow the schedule] What? WHAT, WHAT-

        Loading editor
    • [can we make this so the second narrator comes up too?]

        Loading editor
    • why not? 

        Loading editor
    • [my idea is, narrator 1 and narrator 2 both realize these things: but narrator 2 is "up-to-date" on the events, so to speak, while narrator 1 has been absent for a long time and doesn't know the current flow of events]

        Loading editor
    • go for it

        Loading editor
    • Narrator: I need to go tell this to narrator 2. [narrator 1 is now running to narrator 2's recording booth: the two are co-workers in a range of 100 narrators, narrator 1 is #100 and narrator 2 is #99]

      Narrator: [whispering a narration of the events to show the fact that he'll narrate anything now] And so I ran to the recording booth, to tell number 99 about all this...

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts back to Yensir and the President's room. I smirk as they bicker.]

      Hmh... You. Mr.... President? You're a funny one. So hostile, you and your compatriots are. I hear you're in somewhat dire straights, and could use some... better guidance? 

      [When I address the president, he feels a chill down his spine, and almost feels afraid to disappoint me for some reason, as if he suddenly has no authority over me whatsoever. Once it has taken affect, my smirk grows slightly.]


      Face me.

      Step forward.

      [The president feels highly inclined to obey, and Yensir knowingly watches, as does my eldritch servant behind me.]

        Loading editor
    • President: We'll do anything you want... as long as it has nothing to do with killing people.

        Loading editor
    • [As the President steps forward saying this, I kind of size him up.]

      And that, my boy, is why your system is crumbling. Sacrificing the lives of the few for the good of the many... have you heard of this?

      [I pause for a moment, making eye contact with him briefly, then turn my back to him.]

      Your vision... it's faulty. Your current purpose...

      [In one moment I'm standing there facing away from the president, the next moment I'm on the other side of the room, with the president and every council member except Yensir's heads in my hand, being held by the hair. It was as if there was no passing of time between the first moment and the second.]

      ... is nonexistent.

      [They all slump to the floor, and I calmly take a seat in the President's chair.]

      Yensir, you well speak nothing of this. What I did was necessary for the resurgence of the galactic federation, and ultimately the fate of the universe as a whole. Sacrifices must be made. I'm sure you understand.

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    • Yeah, I didn't bother to read all the stuff above, might as well put my character in here anyway.

      Name: Nobody        Alignment: Mostly Neutral Evil, sometimes Chaotic Neutral

      Portal opens, and came out Nobody.

      "Hello, mind bringing me up to data on what's going on here, please?"

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    • [I glance at Nobody, somewhat perplexed.]

      Erm... do I know you from somewhere...? Nevermind, it doesn’t matter. Servant?

      [I gesture to the rather humanoid looking eldritch being at my side, and in an instant a portal opens underneath you, and you fall through, directly in front of Sad Girl, in the dark forest. The portal closes above you.]

        Loading editor
    • Sad girl: [sees you, then cries]

        Loading editor
    • "Ooh, portals. Oh look, a girl. Mind if I stab her and dissect her body?"

        Loading editor
    • Sad girl: No, don't do that...

        Loading editor
    • [in space]

      Yinser: [though he's old, he's still not blind, sharp in vision, sound and everything else: he even sounds like someone in his 30s and walks fine] [gets up and angrily points at you] How dare you? Now the entire federation is in shambles...  [suddenly feels terrible for saying those words: a law is that whoever kills the President becomes the President] Sorry, leader... [Glokser is shocked]

        Loading editor
    • Well according to your boy there.... [glances at Glokser] the federation was already IN shambles. I’m doing your home a service, old friend.

      [Realizes he just called me leader, remembers the Talbot laws]. Huh. How fortunate.

      [As I kick my legs up on the table and lean back, my servant is staring off into space again, watching the events of earth]

        Loading editor
    • Narrator: [reads about all the space stuff and is now prepared] Due to the oh-so-fortunate law that Talbot has, our little monster has just taken over the entire Federation. It gets broadcasted across national news, and many people get very upset. 

      Reporters: [barge into the UGF building, seeing you]

        Loading editor
    • Reporter #1: Did you invade? You traitor- [knows that "kill the president-become president" law and suddenly remembers it] Ohg, sorry. What do you plan for the future?

        Loading editor
    • Reporter #1: Do you want to make this a different government?

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts back to the two serpent monsters began destroying the biggest continent. Then cuts back to me]

      Me: [Clearing my throat] This is getting a lot worse. What am I saying? I have nothing to do with this. [Looked at the ocean and noticed two enormous glowing red eyes and heard a much deeper monstrous sound from the depths]

        Loading editor
    • "You guys look like you can need some help killing someone. I can pop in there and just kill him right now. I accept payment in the form of titanium and tungsten."

        Loading editor
    • (Name: Harmonia.  Abilities:  Beauty Embodiment (the Absolute Beauty is negated by the rules), and Gender Trancendence.  She has used Beauty Manipulation to make herself Absolutely Beautiful.  She then used Absolute Will to give herself Absolute Condition (which let her invent a bunch of new powers), then open a portal here.  She has also, due to Ability Intuition being an aplication of an aplication of Absolute Condition, mastered all of her abilities.  I'll add more features as time goes on, both in terms of her giving herself powers, and her abilities she already has.)

      A portal appears.  A woman steps out.  Immediately, the near-infinite abandoned girls rush to steady her.  She looks around in confusion, but then smiles.  The countless girls become Supernaturally Beautiful, then fall to one knee.  (Beauty Manipulation.)  Harmonia then bends the cosmos to her will.  (Absolute Command giving her replication forming a Hivemind.)  With a power that sends ripples through spacetime, a slight glow emenates from her skin.  Then, duplicates of her start popping up in front of every girl, who in any other circumstance might drive a man insane through their beauty.  Next to the duplicates however, they were like the moon to the sun.  Each duplicate seemed... conected somehow, like they were all the same person.  More duplicates sprang into existence.  Half of them were women, the other half men who were just as beautiful.  (Gender Trancendence)  The group of mixed genders started singing, in a range that extended past human hearing and  with enough sorrow and joy to make the angels weep.  Several angels did weep, in fact, as every creature in the world heard the music, a Siren Song beckoning them towards the source.  (Siren's Song)  Each duplicate not singing began whispering in the girl's ear, delivering personalized instructions.  Finally, the duplicates that were not singing said loudly to the girls, "You are now free from your past, and will never have to submit to another's commands again!"  The command twisted the fabric of reality, and each girl shook their heads as if coming awake.  They marveled at their surroundings,  and looked down at their beyond beautiful new bodies.  Each girl wore an individualized dress, with an insignia of a rose crossed with a dagger enblazoned on the front.  The dresses set off each girl's personality, highlighting their strengths and  skills as well as perfectly showing the beauty that could extinguish countless lives like a mousetrap clamping down on unsuspecting household vermin.  They each were also outfitted with the tools they would need to do their duty, bas well as compliment their skills.  Then they went into motion.

        Loading editor
    • Sorry I didn't put my character info.

      Name: Yojinma

      Alias: Armorman

      Alignment: Good

      Powers and abilities: Omnipotence (formerly), Earth ManipulationHigh-Tech ExoskeletonTemporary Invincibility via red scarf, One-Man Army.

      Weapons: The Hagimi (The Death Sword)

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    • New stuff:

      in this universe, there are objects called Corrupted Crystals. There are 5 types of crystals and each crystal wields incredible power. The red crystal can absorb all nigh omnipotent powers and redirect it. it can also empower the user if their body is strong enough to hold all the power. The blue crystal can heal all living things or make them ultimately invincible, even the crystal. Yellow crystal has Omni-Magic. Purple Crystal manipulates time. And Black Crystal destroys everything. However, the crystals' power doesn't work if they're not affected by light.

      Also, Red crystal is tough as gold. Blue crystal is tough as titanium. Yellow crystal is tough as armament haki. Purple is tough as vibranium. Black is tough as Mjolnir. 

      Almost forgot, there's a metal called Balutonium. A metal that is immune to everything. aka Omnilock.

        Loading editor
    • "Is this balutonium? It looks really cool, so I made an armor out of it. Also, where can I find those crystals?"

        Loading editor
    • Red crystals are located in the Pure kingdom. A nation full of human gods and goddesses, dragon tigers, lion titans and scorpion king crabs.

      Blue crystals are located in the Alpha Rain mountains. Storms are a million times stronger than the strongest storm in the world.  

      Yellow crystals are found in the land of magic. 

      Purple crystals are located in the deepest depths of the ocean.

      Black Crystals are located in a dark realm. They grew in a black puddle. 

      They can also be forged as a weapon like swords, spears, or guns.

        Loading editor
    • "Black sounds like too much work."

      • Proceed to open a portal to the deepest depths of the ocean in the room.
        Loading editor
    • Does every character need to have the same style of look? [e.g. do they all have to be anime?]

        Loading editor
    • nope

        Loading editor
    • Okay. My character looks like this [look right to see]:


      Imagine this, but with a mouth and without the cat.

      [back to truly lost idiot's world]

      Me: [licking my lollipop for 2 minutes: I realize that I'm still not through] Come on! How many licks does it take!?

        Loading editor
    • i'm fine with it. mine looks like a cartoon/anime character

        Loading editor
    • Me: [sees a nearby city] Good. [flash-steps to the city] Wow! Cool. I need to heed that guy's advice though and not use it too much... [sees 100 dollars on the floor and picks them up, adding them to my money] Hoho!

      Me: [goes to the tech store owner] Uhhh... can I get a remote?

      Tech store owner: Sorry, kids not allowed-

      Me: I have my parents' permission.

      Tech store owner: Okay.... here's your remote. 20 dollars, please?

      Me: [gives him 20 dollars]

      Tech owner: Bye!

      Me: Bye! [sees that the remote is vibrating west] Hmmm... [takes apart remote to see it's got a magic material called Guidium: it's a guide to the magical part of Yojinma's universe: I'm in the real part, but don't realize the other things about the material] Let's see where the remote leads. [flash steps 30 meters west, then passes out] [sometime later. wakes up] Sheesh! [keeps going in the direction]

        Loading editor
    • Is anyone summoned by my siren’s song?

        Loading editor
    • Me: [after a few minutes of walking and some high-speed running inbetween] A portal? [goes into it, then is in Yojinma's world]

        Loading editor
    • Me: Man, this seems familliar! [flash-steps to where I think Yojinma is [westward]]

        Loading editor
    • [Scene cuts back to me with my sword, getting ready for battle. Few seconds later, the entire world is shaking. The ocean is creating giant waves and a very loud monstrous roar can be heard from the depths of the ocean. Then suddenly, an enormous monster head with gigantic eyes all over it's head]  

        Loading editor
    • Me: [I see the situation] No! [runs to the destination to save you, who i see as a helpless bystander: I get closer and see who you are] So... cool...

        Loading editor
    • Me: [gets back to licking lollipop] Tasty lollipop.

        Loading editor
    • [The enormous monster attacks my yacht with it's hand emerging from the depths. The yacht got destroyed but I jump off of it, then I extended my sword's blade up to 50 meters, swing it real hard but had no effect]  

        Loading editor
    • Me: [runs closer to the monster then throws my lollipop to  it, then runs back]

        Loading editor
    • [The monster emerges from sea slowly. It's head is finally revealed. Then the monster roars at me and Andrew. We both got blown away along with the giant waves]

        Loading editor
    • Me: [sarcastically] Oh boy, I totally know how to save myself from this blunder... [unsarcastically] Should we play Scrabble to pass the time while waiting for our dooms?

        Loading editor
    • Me: If so, let's get this party started. [takes a paper and starts drawing the Scrabble board]

        Loading editor
    • Me: [before I get to the first special tile, I get a flotation device, then I continue drawing] Is this a special tile or not? I have no phone on me, nothing to save us...

        Loading editor
    • Me: [Putting on the red scarf Maru gave me. My eyes glowed red. I erased the tides and grab Andrew away from the monster to the city where Bluewindbag went. Then I went back to the sea and punched the monster straight in the eye while moving at light speed. Monster screams in pain. The world is shaking again] Whoa! This thing packs a punch.

      [Then scene fades to Vulgrimm watching me taking the monster down]

      Vulgrimm: [Deep voice;] Hmm... It seems you've gotten stronger... old friend.

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    • {Guess I might as well put in some character info myself... but not too much, that would take away from the mystery ;) }

      {Name: ???}

      {Alignment: True Neutral}

      {Powers and Abilities:}

      Angel Lord Physiology, Cosmic Telepathy, Eldritch Physiology, Eldritch Being Manipulation, Dual Impregnability, Spatial-Temporal Lock, Alpha Physiology, Unpredictability

      {Weapon: Grimace}

      {Goals: Currently Unknown, although a certain alien species believe he is here to enslave all races, there is no other proof of this than visions of the future. However, such visions could have been from an alternate timeline, as that tends to happen often.}

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    • [Scene cuts back to the Federation office, with the Talbot media questioning my intentions.]

      Me: Please, please. You will all have your answers soon enough-

      Reporter, interrupting me: But Mr. President, it's very important that we know!

      Me: Did you not hear me? I said-

      Another reporter, cutting me off: The fate of our government is in your hands, Sir! We must hear what you have to s-

      Me: ENOUGH! [I slam my open hand down on the desk, suddenly the various people invading my privacy all fall unconscious. The cameras are still running, and so I pick one up and look into it.]

      Me: ...I know you have many questions. I know you might be scared. But there is no reason to be. A new, beautiful age is on the horizon. I will carry the Galactic Federation to new heights, and... that's only the beginning.

      [With a friendly wave to the camera, I mind control the reporters to get up, take their gear and leave; and if anyone questions them on the way back to their headquarters, to simply say "We have all the info we need. Things are looking up."]

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    • Another reporter: Sorry. [contacting you through camera] We get it now. Good times will return with your leadership. [bows before leaving]

      [in Yojinma's world]

      Me: Thanks! Phew. If anybody notices me getting ready to play some Scrabble, let's not think about what that is.

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    • Me: Dude, are we playing Scrabble or not? I need a game to cure my boredom.

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    • Me: [waits: a power I have alongside flash-stepping is noticing Vulgrimm]

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    • Me: No time for that, now. The monster is not dead yet.

      [The emormous monster instanly emerges from the sea, revealing it's features. The monster is about 5000 ft tall and 1000 mile wide. The hands have sharp four fingers, the body is similar to the kraken from the clash of titans movie, but much bigger with dragon skin. Behind the back is 6 serpent bodies which are connected to the monster serpents that's destroying the shipyard, the countries and the biggest continent]

      Me: Oh, boy. 

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    • Me: Okay. If you even know what it is- [notices monster] WHAAAAT!?

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    • Me: [jumps to you]

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    • [The monster is about to attack us with it's breath attack. Releasing a dark energy that destroys all living things. Suddenly, Maru came out of nowhere and jumps towards the monster's face. He then puches through the monster in the head at incredible speed, faster than light. The monster's face exploded. He then grab the monsters entire body and throws it away from this world to the outside of the universe] 

      Me: What the? [Perplexed face]

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    • Me: Who are you? [referring to Maru] And can we play Scrabble?

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    • Maru: [Looks at Andrew with menacing glare] ...Maybe later. [Looks at me] Brother. I see you're using the scarf. What did it feel like?

      Me: It made me lose my temper, somehow.

      Maru: You'll get use to it. [Walk towards Andrew. Sits down, facing his direction with menacing glare] Now...Shall we?

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    • Me: Yeah... but do you know what it is? If you don't, it's just a word game.

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    • Me: [sits down] Like crosswords, but special. There's different points for letters and stuff, and there's blank tiles that represent any letter, but they grant 0 points.

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    • Me: Depending on where you place the tiles, you'll get bonuses. Oh, and I finished drawing the Scrabble board and the tiles. [there are 112 of them]

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    • Me: [puts down board, then places "JACK" to get 17 points]

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    • Me: Now it's your turn. Place some tiles to get a word.

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    • Maru: I've played dozens of bored games. [Places "APPLE" 9 points] Not very good at it.

      Me: [Confused. Scratching my head] 

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    • [As Andrew and Yojinma are playing scrabble, I'm contemplating my next move when my Eldritch servant comes to me with interesting news.]

      "-My King?-"

      "Yes? What is it?"

      "-There seems to have been a disturbance on planet earth, in the Milky Way galaxy.-"


      "-It appears one of their fauna, some sort of sea monster, has left the planet's atmosphere, and is traveling quickly towards this planet.-"

      "...Show me."

      [He leads me right outside the Federation building, and points into the sky. Slowly, a massive sillouhette the size of the United States appears above, and it seems to be getting closer. It's the sea monster that Maru killed.]

      "-What's interesting is... well, it appears to be dead, my King.-"

      "Dead, huh? I didn't think anything remotely competent even existed on earth. Don't tell me those fleshy humans are becoming more advanced..."

      [I watch with a calm expression as the hulking mass of scales and flesh enters the planet's orbit.]

      "It's quite fortunate that I showed up here when I did, otherwise this planet would be obliterated by... whatever the hell that is."

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    • [Scene fades to me waking up, slowly]

      Me: [Talking in my mind;] What.... Happened? Huh? [Looked down. I noticed my arms where removed. Bandages wrapped around my legs. I looked around and all I see is a steel room, where I am staying]

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    • [scene goes back to me and Maru playing Scrabble]

      Me: [sees the P in apple: puts in PLUMBER for 13 points] Yes! [sees that the B is on a double word tile] You see, Maru, if any of the letters of a word are on a double word tile, the amount of points gotten from the word doubles. Now I've got 26 points. If TWO of your letters land on such tiles, then the amount of points gotten for the word is multiplied by four. The triple word tiles work the same way.

      [scene goes to UGF]

      Military: [finds out that you're the new leader : they try to rebel but the laws take effect and they listen to you]

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    • [goes back to me and Maru playing Scrabble]

      Me: Also, the game ends when either one player uses all their tiles, or when six scoreless tile placements happen. And I know a lot of words.

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    • Me: I'll explain the rules to you, Yojinma, later. [looking at him] For now, know it's a word game. [looks back to Maru, thinking about which word he'll unleash]

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    • Maru: I am totally losing. [Sees the letter M on the wor plumber: places "QUANTUM" 18 points]

      Me: [Laying on the ground. Watching the sky]

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    • Me: I see where we're going with this... [sees the U in QUANTUM, adds UNSTOPPABLE to get 17 points: sees that one of my Ps landed on a double tile, so technically I've got 34 points now] Yeah! You've got a lot to learn here... 

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    • Me: [tickles Yojinma to wake him up] Yojinma! Wanna join the game?

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    • Me: If you want the rules, it's simple.

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    • Me: Hmm... I'll pass. I'm tired and need some rest. [Created an earth shelter. I then sleep inside]

      [Scene fades to Vulgrimm watching me] 

      Vulgrimm: Soon, the world will know your end. It won't be long now.

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    • Me: [noticing Vulgrimm] Mr. Demon Man, don't get your monologuing in the way of our game.

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    • Vulgrimm: Shhhh. [Vulgrimm uses his power to make Andrew forget about him, completely]  

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    • (My old character is too OP)


      Harmonia then realized she was being silly.  With a clap of her hands and a word of power, she vanished from view in a blinding light.  Shortly thereafter, all of the new recruits disappeared as well, albeit with less fanfare.  Harmonia had one last act, then the new goddess and her handmaidens disappeared from this plane.

      Elsewhere, at the anual convention of super rich jerks, what appeared to be a shooting star crashed through the ceiling.

      15 minutes later, a woman walked out.  She looked confused, but happy.  The doorman saluted her as if she belonged, even though she didn't.  The woman was very beautiful, but not supernaturally so.  Barely.  However, she was oddly attractive on top of that.  There was something about her that just made you want her to love you.  She strolled in the direction that all the commotion came from a few moments before.

      (Name: ???  Age: ???  Powers: Peak Human Beauty, something that makes her more attractive, ???)

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    • Hey guys! I'm back with the purple crystals, now adorned on my suit. Also, I just kill everyone that is not in this room on the way here. And by that I mean reversed time to the point of big bang. What did I miss?

        Loading editor
    • Vulgrimm: [Speaking to you through your mind;] You missed a lot of fun.

        Loading editor
    • Me: What fun, strange voice in my head?

        Loading editor
    • Me: If I go to hell and see a lot of wood, I'm guessing it's for the eternal furnace. And I'm reminded of that. You could be a demon...

        Loading editor
    • Vulgrimm: [Laughs].... This world IS hell! I can't believe you mortals forgot about that! [Evil laugh]

        Loading editor
    • Me: [seems to feel the message] True. Is THAT why there are so many trees? Are lumberjacks the Devil's eternal slaves? Is the universe a quantumly bound construction that was created to spew fire for the eternal furnace? [evil laugh in demonic voice, then a snap back to normal] I don't know why I said that...

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    • Vulgrimm: You have indeed forgotten. You use to be perfect and immortal. But your ancestors have made a sin that God immediately banish them from the paradise. Thus, their immortality and perfection is no more. This world belongs to the devil. This is his territory. Everything is unbalanced.

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    • Me: [somehow, I realize that a person is talking to me but I don't know who] So... can I escape this hell or is it here to stay? Also you're monologuing like a sly dog! I don't know why, but you should stop... 

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    • Vulgrimm: Oh, there is a way to escape from his hell. And that is following the gods law. But I don't think you have the guts to do it. Devil will keep giving you problems until you couldn't take it and commit suicide. You have to make a sacrifice-

      Me: [Talking to you;] Who're you talking to?

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    • Me: A strange person. Dunno who it is, dunno what it is, but I'm [deep demonic voice] sure as hell [demonic voice stops] it's a demon... That person is manipulating me. That's why I'm speaking devilishly sometimes...

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    • Me: [Confused a bit] Huh. Demon controlling someone. [Sat down in a meditating position. Flashbacks showing a demon removing my Omnipotence from me] That's..... pretty weird.... How about you go to sleep? Maybe he'll go away.  

        Loading editor
    • Me: And he's seeing me through a crystal ball. Good whatever the time of day it is! Pause the Scrabble game. [goes to sleep under a tree]

        Loading editor
    • Me: [quickly falls into a dream where everything is red]  I fear that this is a nightmare... Maybe that demon is controlling me. [walks around, then wraps my scarf into a jacket because I feel cold]

        Loading editor
    • Me: [goes to Scrabble board: there, Maru has got 666 points with the word "IMVULGRIMM"] It's ominous. I don't think this is real... [suddenly a vision of me being embalmed comes to my mind] EVERYTHING'S A NIGHTMARE! [runs away, to see  that snakes have infested the nearby land] AAAAAA- [wakes up]

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    • [Meanwhile, I'm meditating to unlock all chakras]

        Loading editor
    • The woman strolls up to Andy.

      (By the way, stuff will happen if you interact with her.  However, please don't metagame.  Also, she is pretty powerful, but she has amnesia so only currently knows about a few of her powers.  Without her knowlage, most of them won't function, but a few are automatic.  She may become the archvillain, or a major hero.  Your interactions will determine that.  Also, just to clarify, she is the most beautiful woman you have ever met (unless you have incountered Enhanced Beauty users or above).  Peak Human Beauty has the subpowers Social Attraction (which makes everyone like her), Seduction Intuition (which makes her naturally charming), Enhanced Charisma (which makes her an extremely talented at leading, charming, persuading, inspiring and influencing people.  She can charm even the most disagreeable entities and call mobs to her aid), and limited Seductive Magnetism (go read it, it has too many subpowers).  These are all in effect as well, making her irresistible)

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    • [Scene fades back to the Talbot planet’s horizon, where people are walking out of their homes to witness the massive astral body, which happens to be a newly deceased sea monster from earth, hurtling towards them from the sky. My servant and I are standing calmly, gazing up at it.]

      Me: “Don’t worry about this. I’ll take care of it. What you can do though is this: Find the culprit of this, and question him. I’m... curious.”

      Servant: “-Yes, my king.-“

      [As he begins to stare off into space with his many eyes, searching earth from afar, I begin to float steadily upwards, one hand clutching my blade. The hulking corpse is blocking out the entire sky at this point, enveloping the land in darkness. This does not impede me, and as I get closer to it, I raise my blade as if to gently pierce it. As Grimace begins to tear through the thick scaly hide of the beast like butter, my green aura expands to envelope both my entire body, and the corpse of the creature. In mere seconds, the country-sized Monster disintegrates, and small, coin-sized flakes of ash begin to fall like snow for miles around. I return to the ground, sheathing my blade, and nonchalantly glancing at my servant.]

      Me: “Found him yet?”

      Servant: “...-Yes... he’s an earthling, alright. However, there seems to be some spark of divine power within him... it appears to be suppressed.-“

      Me: “Fascinating... Earth continues to pique my curiosity. What is he doing now?” [My Servant watches, waiting for something to happen.]

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