• What powers would you give The Godhead from The Elder Scrolls besides of course Reality Dreaming and Omninescience?

    If you don't know who The Godhead is, they are essentially the Azathoth of TES. Everything that happens within TES is a mere dream of The Godhead. 

    I quote this next segment directly.

    "At the top of the hierarchy is the Godhead (or All-Maker), which creates an infinite number of Amaranths, both next to each other and before and after each other. Surrounding the Amaranths are Dreamsleeves, through which flow raw information & souls. There are three known Amaranths, SatakalPadomay & Anu. Each Amaranth is a godlike being, creating surrounding and encompassing an entire existence. One such creation of an Amaranth is the Aurbis."

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    • Omniarch of course, but its power is too vague and not enough to give it omnipotence

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