• Setting:The world is ending, yet by some miracle you're offered a choice. You're approached by a being (god,demon, etc) who can give you salvation from the destruction around you. It holds out its hands gesturing you to pick one. Its right hand reads "For the worthy" and its left hand reads "For the noble". If you take its right hand you'll be whisked away from the apocalypse to a place unknown, but if you take its left it will bestow unto you any two powers or one evolutionary upgrade(aka physiology). Upon making your decision the being vanishes and you're left with only the vague memory of something happening.

    1:Which hand do you pick and why?

    2:(For the left) How do you go about handling the apocalypse.

    3:(For the right) What type of place do you think you'd be taken to and whats your purpose in this new world?

    Note:Everything is put into mortal comprehension, meaning you can have omnipotence, but you wont know how it works and the power will "most likely" destroy you. If picking a physiology you get all the powers, but still have to learn them and are still susceptible to death regardless of immortality. 

    So im obviously going to take its left hand and be granted Absorbing Regeneration and Psionics. With these powers i'd try to save some people, but my main goal would be to survive and rebirth the world in a better fashion. My plans for handling the apocalypse are simple, i would first take as much time as i needed to get a good grip on my power, once i've fully grasped my limitations i'd make a sanctuary that i would take to those i saved too. After i've saved all i can im going to stop the planet from sustaining critical damage(a ruined world is better than no world). In the aftermath of the end i survey the remaining people and eliminate those who i deem unworthy, creating a perfectly harmonious society. After im sure my people are fine without me, i psychically meld with a tablet i made so that my people will always have a source of wisdom and guidance.

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    • I'd go Passion Embodiment and something else.  That would give me access to Empathic Conversion, which would let me convert everyone in the world into my minions.  I don't know what I'd do next.

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