• Okay, so earlier i began thining about this ability - how telekinetic is the acceleration (push/pull/attraction/repulsion) of matter from a remote distance using nothing but the mind. Now, after i stopped thinking about the physics of the ability, such as how it works, why it works, physiological factors, etc. i soon began to attempt thinking of fun, creative ways of using this ability and... well... i couldn't. Like, all it does is allow the user to use their mind to accelerate objects and i couldn't really think of fun or creative ways for using it. So here i am, and i want to know if any of you can think of any creative and/or fun ways for using this skill, because i can't. 

    (Note, when i say telekinesis, i mean "far movement (as in, acceleration) of matter"; not space, time, vector, etc. manipulation if that wasn't clear enough)

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