• Hello everyone. Today I have been thinking of this fictional tribe of superhumans called the Reavers (Based on the group from Marvel Comics). Except instead of hunting mutants they are focused on traveling to apocalyptic alternate Earths in order to survive, scavenge and possibly conquer these worlds.

    They have shared powers that i think would give someone an edge in such worlds including:

    +Shapeshifting that MAINLY includes Reactive Evolution and Shiftmorphing.

    +Plasma Generation & Manipulation with a mix of Energy Conversion when dealing with exotic energy types

    +Reality Perception and Planeswalking.

    If you think this group is overpowered then you should know that the whole point of their arcs are interactions with whatever desolate land they're in. How they deal with whatever survivor is there, How they combat whatever disease/demon/hostility they find and show a bit of the culture theyve maade for themselves.

    And in case you couldnt guess, a lot of these theoretical Earths are based on the usual type of apocalypses you see in the movies. The first story I was thinking they could be in was the universe of The Crossed written by Garth Ennis. This comic is sort of what got me thinking of the idea.

    Right now, I want to aask you guys for your opinion.

    1. Do you think the group would have some potential?

    2. Do you think the power set is balanced?

    3. For those of you familiar with the comic, do you think a group like this would be able to handle the Crossed?

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