• Let me ellaborate. If you wanted to spend your life traveling the world and you had FULL mastery over the aforementionedd power, would you be set? I think its possible because:

    -You could morph your own clothes

    -You could handle yourdelf if you meet a mugger

    -You could avoid police by turning into mist, go invisible, or turn into someone else.

    -Reactive Evolution would compensate for any ssustenance issues, environmental threats or cultural barriers by going to a library and scanning all the info or something like that.

    -You could use Shiftmorphing to make your own temporary house, vehicle

    I could go on. But I want your opinion. Does my theory have any weight.

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    • I could imagine Shapeshifting would be the perfect power for a nomad.

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    • Yes for pretty much all of the same reasons you have said. Its pretty much why I believe shapeshifting is the ultimate power to have in a world without other superpowers.

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