• It's all in the title. I have seen this scenario in a lot of medias where a guy (mostly a guy) dies and then , wakes up as someone else in a different world/universe. But doesn't this count as just Possession since you control the host's body without their knowledge/permission/consent? What's the difference?

    For example, there was a Dragon Ball fan-made manga where in very first chapter, we see a high school student (who is a DB fan too) dying by falling down on some stairs and then, we see this high school student wakes up in Yamcha's body (of all people). Because this high school student has large knowledge on the DB lore, history, ect., he was be able to avoid death for very long time and become stronger, incduling the Saibaman's kamikaze attack (in the original DB history, Yamcha died to a Saibaman).

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