• Hello everyone. I have been doing a little thinking this week while doing my Christmas Shopping. For a long time, its been agreed that SHapeshifters cant control the elements. I mean they can, just not to the way that real elementals can. 

    However, I think ive figured out a way that enables them to do that in a close enough way. It would combine Shiftmorphing and Ergo or Quintekinetic Shapeshifting at the subatomic level,

    I got the idea from researching something I read about the Conduits from Infamous, while also trying to guess how characters from Naruto. My best guess was that they did the same thing Gaara of the Sand did in terms of using his energy to turn nearby matter into sand to add.

    -Since ether is the source of all matter/energy, their physiology would be able to mimic a white hole in terms of generating their own particles infinitely. With their consciousness controlling these, they would be able to subconsciously conjure their own esoteric versions of the elements.

    -In terms of being able doing large scale feats like summoning aa tornado or creating a volcanic field, it would include a maneuver where the wielder simultaneously generates more of the element while it gathers more maass by absorbing ambient energy and matter.

    This would be because the unique particles they generate do two functions. One is assembling themselves into the element while the other breaks down ambient energy and matter at the subatomic level and assimilates it into the same type of molecules.

    I dont have a title for it, but Im thinking of something like Molecular Shiftmorphing or something. Plus, I think this process may require more then jusst one new power. So if anyone has any guesses, please say so. Id also like to ask you guys what you think of this new power.

    Does it seem legit?

    Does it have holes in it?

    I await your replies. Since we probably wont talk on the day.......MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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