• Hello everyone. Today I just got done making a few ideas for new powers andd wanted to get your input.

    1. Trans-Morphic Conversion: Advanced subpower of Omnifarious. Combination Of Shiftmorphing and Self-Particle Manipulation. The power to create and transmute elements through shapeshifting.
      • Description: By channeling their mental and/or physical energy through their malleable form, a wielder can convert their own particles into a dust-like element that can be remotely commanded as easily as a limb. This allows various uses like being able to create constructs, convert the dust into other elements, and simulate telekinesis.
      • Morphic-Psychokinesis: A combination of Shiftmorphing and Telekinesis. The Power to transform/merge with objects from a remote distance
        • Description: Wielders can simulate Telekinesis by ejecting excess particles from their malleable physiology, then merging them with the structure of nearby objects or entities. This can be used by Shapeshifters to do all the feats of Shiftmorphing from a remote distace
    2. Molecular Conversion (Macro Quantum Transmutation): Subpower of Quantum Manipulation. Main power behind Transmutation and Total Conversion. The power to convert ambient elements by recomposing their molecules.
      • Description: Wielders of this power are able to convert and project ambient matter and energy by breaking down their molecules at the subatomic level, absorbing the particles, and project them in the form of a different element. This allows wielders to increase their own physiological structure and infuse unique properties into their bodies or into nearby objects.
    3. Esoteric Nihili Manipulation: The power to manipulate the esoteric void. Possibly the main power of Esoteric Element and Esoteric Energy Manipulation.
      • Description: Wielders of this power can command the esoteric side of Nothingness in the form of an element with special properties and a mystical nature to it. With mastery, the wielder could use this for a variety of magical effects. It is also possible that wielder could use this power to not only generate esoteric versions of other elements, but convert natural elements into a similar state.
      • Esoteric Force Conversion: Sub power of Ethereal Conversion. Combination Of Elemental Transmutation and Esoteric Element Manipulation. The power to transmute ordinary ambient matter and energy into esoteric versions of either.
        • Description: Wielders of this power can take existing esoteric elements and convert it into their own, possibly incorporating the unique properties. This ability would also allow one to take natural elements and transform them into the same type.
    4. Ethereal Conversion: Mystical variation of Molecular Conversion. Subpower of Ethereal Manipulation. The power to absorb and reshape ambient elements through the command of their Ether
      • Description: Wielders of this power can break down and convert ambient elements by perceiving the ether that flows through everything, then using it to absorb and convert them into other forms. This power may make it possible for users to generate elements more unique to them or absorb other esoteric elements to infuse their properties.

    So if anyone wants to suggest anything like associations, applications, flaws etc. Please say so

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    • This looks pretty awesome, you should make them into full pages. 

      The only thing I would change is possibly the "dust-like element" bit. Instead, I would have to be where the user's particles, instead of being converted into dust, convert other particles into the user's own thus allowing them to manipulate said converted particles. 

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