• Hello Everyone. Today I was mulling over all the different powers and forces in both the DC and Marvel universe along with the characters who wield them. Some of them aare based in science, some are mystical in nature, but Im wondering if there are any that defy both, like the Thor of the MCU said.

    So Id like to ask people to give their opinion and list all the characters and cosmic forces that would leave all the best sscientists and mystics scratching their heads.

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    • Power Cosmic - Marvel 

      Demiurgic Power - DC 

      Phoenix Force - Marvel 

      Uni-Power -Marvel

      God Powers - DC/Marvel 

      Mr. M - Just WTF

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    • Which Dc Character uses Demiurgic power. Itss new to me

      And I thought most of these powers were for cosmic entities,

      I meant that I am looking for powers that would be able to affect beings like Trigon and Galactus simularity. Powers like the Beyonders from Marvel 

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    • Michael Demiurgos from DC has the Demiurgic Power; hence his name. Here's a link:

      Most of the powers are from cosmic beings. These powers are probably the only ones that could affect Trigon and Galactus or the entities like them. And having the powers of the Beyonders is essentially the same as the powers I mentioned above.

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    • Well powers themselves are a form magic so to speak kinda to a certain extent.

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    • the one-above-all marvel

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    • A FANDOM user
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