• Y'all know the drill by now. Create an OC and fight to the death, with no real goal in mind. Time for a (small) change.

    In THIS Rip-Off of Battle Arena, your OCs can evolve to unlock extra power and new abilities. Not that big of a change, but take it or leave it.


    1. No controlling OCs that aren't yours

    2. No ganging up on 1 user (unless they say it's fine, of course)

    3. No overpowered OCs, Omnipotence, Complete Arsenal or anything in between

    4. Mostly fight based thread, but you can occasionally goof about

    5. No making OCs to directly counter another (eg. Someone makes an OC with magic, then you make another with anti-magic)

    6. Everyone has a weakness of some kind

    7. The arena may occasionally change

    8. Weapon users allowed

    9. Hate the OC, not the user

    10. No exploiting loopholes in the rules

    11. Custom power are allowed, but a maximum of 3 per OC (also, they can't be omnipotence-level, and you have explain what they do)

    TEMPLATE (You can use another if you want, this is just an example):



    Appearance (Optional):


    Custom Powers (Optional):

    Weakness(es) (I MEAN EVERYONE):

    Backstory (Optional):

    Quote (Optional):


    If I say, or if you fulfil certain conditions, you may evolve your character. This lets you add up to 5 new powers to your arsenal, change your name (If you want) and overall strengthens your OC. Each OC starts at lvl. 0, and can reach a max of lvl. 5


    Beat another OC

    Beat a Boss (you may evolve twice in this case)

    Make it through an arena change unharmed

    I just feel sorry for you

    One more thing, you can team if you want.

    Now get out there and show some hustle.

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    • Name: Thelmadur

      Age: Thousands of years

      Appearance (Optional):

      Powers: Spiritual Teleportation, Noble Elf Physiology , Supernatural Condition Type I, ​​​​​​ Magic Weaponry ( Irithyll , a mythril sword), Negation immunity, Light Magic , Enchanted Armor,Supernatural Combat

      Weakness(es) :  He can absolutly be killed by stronger foes.

      Backstory : Thelmadur comes from the Middle Earth. At his time , Morgoth finally breaks free from his prison and returns to Arda with a strength and a might that he never possessed. A cataclism rampages through the fabric of existence and the result of the conflict between the Valar and Morgoth , this time, is much more drammatic. The forces of good and evil annihilate each other and Arda becomes silent and quiet ... Only one survivor remains : Thelmadur. Then Eru Ilùvatar itself manifests in front of the elf . 

      "Why ,my Lord, why did you make this happen?" says Thelmadur.

      "Because this is the only way to purify our world...NOW, DO YOU WANT ARDA GREAT AGAIN?" says Eru.

      "Yes, my liege" and Thelmadur kneels .


      Quote (Optional): " I  will save my world, I promise..."

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    • Name: Felix S. Katz

      Age: 29 years

      Appearance: Humanoid feline

      Powers: Feline Physiology, Dimensional Storage, Mechanical Intuition, Enhanced Inventing, Gadget Usage

      Gadgets in Use: Jump Boost Boots, Force Field Projector Wristbands, Time Dilation Watch, "Lightning Rod" Cane (shoots bolts of electricity)

      Weakness: Without the use of his gadgets, he is practically defenseless.

      Backstory: Felix came from a world where, instead of humans evolving, animals evolved to become more humanoid. Felix himself was interested in science from childhood, and eventually became an inventor. His inventions, however, bordered on the realm of science-fiction. So, he built a lab for himself and to store his inventions. One day, as he was wandering through his extra-dimensional storage facility, he came across a strangely blank wall.

      "Huh, this wasn't here before", Felix mused to no one in particular, and reached out to touch the wall. His hand went right through the wall instead.

      "Hmmm... This must be a natural exit that formed. I want to see what's on the other side, but first, I'd better get some of the tech that I've made, just in case..."

      He passes through the wall in his storage space and enters what appears to be an arena of some sort, the kind of space that one would use for combat.

      "Let's hope that winning a competition here will close off this gap between realities so that I can get back to business as usual, without fights from another dimension spreading into my reality" Felix sighed.

      Quote: "Oh crud, not again..."

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    • Thelmandur appears in the arena in a flash of pure light. Away from him , he sees a humanoid of unknown kind. "Is he my enemy? I don't want to hurt anyone . " The elf lord teleports at 9 - 10 meters from Felix . "My name Thelmandur , last of the Noldor , son of Elrohir and Lauriel .May I ask your name ?"

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    • All of a sudden a near-blinding flash of light startles Felix, as does the sudden appearance of what appears to be an elfin humanoid about 10 yards away.

      But wait... He just seems to be standing there at this point, introducing himself and asking who Felix is. After a few deep breaths, Felix responds.

      "My name? My name is Felix. Felix Sylvester Katz. I'm what some might call a mad scientist."

      Another person here. Felix hopes this doesn't mean what he thinks it might mean. "I just thought of something... Why do you think we're here, in this arena?"

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    • "My god talked about an arena where I had to fight with beings from other worlds"

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    • "Interesting. I, on the other hand, wandered in through a natural gap between dimensions. Although, given the circumstances, I'm starting to seriously doubt that the gap was natural in the first place. Now I'm here to try to find a way to close... the... gap..." Felix's voice trails off at this point.

      "Oh, great. This must be some sort of twisted cosmic revenge for poking so many holes in the fabric between realities. At least I have my sense of humor to help see me through this..." Felix thought to himself as he glanced toward the heavens in annoyance. The only words to escape his lips at this point, however, was a two-word phrase: "Oh, crud..."

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    • The elf turns around . He looks strangely worried .

      Felix's instruments report various level of energy rising at tremendous speed.

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    • All of a sudden, there is a loud beeping coming from Felix's pocket. He pulls out a gauge showing energy readouts. It is fluctuating wildly, and then he looks around and notices.

      "I can't believe I didn't notice this before...", he says in disbelief. "I've torn enough holes in reality to know what reality whorls look like, and there are a lot of them in this arena. This can't be good."

      "Uh, Thelmandur, you said you had to fight beings from other worlds? Well, two things... One, there's something happening that might speed that up, and two..." Felix gulped, realizing the implications of what he was about to say. "...and two, I think I might be one of them..."

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    • Name:  Asroth

      Age: 470 years

      Appearance :

      Powers: Chaos Empowerment, Supernatural Condition type I , Chaos Inducement, Chaos Weaponry , Powered Armor-suit, Enhanced Combat , Spatial-Temporal Locked, Negation Immunity .

      Weaponry : Bolt pistol, Axe of Dismemberment.

      Weakness(es): Order powers can seriously damage him. Enough powerful blows can pierce through the armor.

      Backstory : Asroth come from the universe of Warhammer 40k. He is Chaos Space Marine of Khorne. The Blood God wants to test him for his ascension from simple Space Marine to Champion of Chaos.

      Quote : "Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!"

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    • The ground trembles and cracks. The fractures spill boiling blood. Suddenly a huge dark portal opens at 50 meters from the duo.
      Gargantuan tentacles emerge from the darkness and twitch in orrible manners . Finally Asroth appears from the portal , that closes . Asroth unleash a terrible roar towards the duo and yells : "Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!".
      Then he points his huge axe towards Felix and Thelmandur and says : "And you two are my first offerings..." Then he sprints towards the duo.  

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    • "I guess that talk to him is useless..." Meanwhile Thelmandur unsheathes Irithyl , the sword that shines with the light of Laurelin , and walks slowly toward the new comer.

      "  Mr. Felix"  , he continues ,  "perhaps we are here to fight each other ... or not. But , now , I have to ask to you : Can I rely on you ? "

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    • Felix stares at the oncoming figure for a second, turns to Thelmandur, and replies "You can rely on me. I'll hit this guy from the back." Felix presses a button on the watch he is wearing, and time appears to slow down around him. His watch "stretches" the flow of time, so that he can maneuver behind the oncoming figure.

      He takes a number of flying leaps, aided by his boots, and does manage to get behind this new figure. The last things he does before turning off the watch is to activate one of his wristbands, causing a large circle of solid light to form as a shield, and to pull a full length cane bearing the words "Lightning Rod" out of his pocket.

      Upon deactivating the watch, Felix shouts to Thelmandur "ARE YOU READY? NOW!!"

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    • Asroth don't pay attention to Felix, since he enters into a state of berserk and massacre. He charges Thelmandur with his demonic axe and yells something incomprehensible.

      "For Arda" The elf says in a low voice and clashes with Asroth. 

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    • As the two figures in front of Felix clash, he stands back for a moment, observing. "Hmmm... That armor looks futuristic. And good for our chances, electronic. I think it's time I added my own "spark" to this fight..."

      Felix flipped a switch on his "Lightning Rod", and a powerful bolt of electricity shot out and struck Asroth in the back. The electricity arced across and through Asroth's armor.

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    • Felix notes that Thelmandur outclasses Asroth in speed but the defense of his armor is impressive.

      Asroth yells in pain due to the bolt and Thelmandur takes this opportunity and strikes a mighty light blow  with Irithyll .

      Silence for a moment.... wait... Felix notes's's like the ground around Asroth is melted into a kind of organic waste ...

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    • Felix looks down at the general area of Asroth's feet, and notices a sudden change.

      "What the-? The ground looks like it's degrading. Oh Dog no! It looks like the results of some of my more... biological... experiments. This brings back some horrific memories..."

      Felix takes a whiff in that direction as well. "Ugh, and it reeks worse than disintegrating biomass, too!"

      After taking a few tens of steps back, his first thought was: "What the heck is happening!?"

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    • Tentacles , mouths and eyeballs appears on the corrupted ground . An aura rises from the ground , similar to a miasma or a mist.  " You weakling" Asroth says shooting with his Bolt gun to Felix.

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    • As Felix sees Asroth leveling a weapon at him, he activates his second solid-light force field shield and brings both up in front of him in defense. The shields hold, but the blow still forces him back several yards, up against a wall, and this impact drives most of the air from his lungs.

      "OOF! I may be weak in body, but I'm very strong in mind!" he shouts, readjusting the position of his shields for the next impact. In the process of readjustment, he is able to bring one of his hands close to his watch, ready to stretch his personal time frame again if needed.

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    • The flesh and the waste on the ground twitch frenzied. Three little creatures rises from corrupted area. They fly towards Felix at incredible speed.

      Thelmandur wants to intecept the creatures but Asroth faces him: " I will break you , now.."

      Tumblr n85pcsYbIn1rhswz4o2 1280
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    • So I think I'll throw my hat into this. Also, hello again Gerrybotty, long been awhile.

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    • Hi ZAVAZggg , It's a pleasure to be back 😁😁

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    • Well anyway, here's my OC. One of them anyway.

      Name: Rimlian Greylock.

      CNR: None.

      Alias: Master Greylock.

      Age: 42.

      Racial Classification: Human.

      Gender: Male.

      Role: Keyblade Master.

      Alignment: Neutral.

      Voice Actor: Josh Brolin.

      Laterality: Right.

      Aura Color: Black.

      Team: None.

      Birthplace: Daybreak Town.

      Allusion: Albert Einstein & Bruce Lee (Einstein because of Rimlian's thirst for knowledge and Bruce Lee because of Rimlian's skill in combat).

      Semblance: None.

      Superpower(s): Enhanced Condition (via Darkness Aura), Darkness Aura, Darkness Attacks (empowered via Darkness Aura), Darkness Manipulation (empowered via Darkness Aura), and Peak Human Condition.

      Weapon(s): A black and white Keyblade.

      Weapon Name: Flux.

      Weapon Powers: Lock Manipulation, Spell Casting, Weapon Calling, Weapon Transmutation, and Spell Amplification.

      Weaknesses: The same weaknesses as any normal human, even when channeling his dark aura, Rimlian can still be defeated-albeit with a bit more difficulty-as his body can only handle so much damage.

      Range: Varies.

      Speed: Peak Human Level.

      Appearance: Rimlian stands at a height of 5'9 (with footwear, 5'8 without), has an average weight of 198.5 pounds, a lithe but muscular build, orange colored eyes (representing his use of Darkness), short raven black hair, a short beard, and a rugged countenance.

      Personality: Rimlian is usually very apathetic and uncaring when dealing with others due to the hell he went through in the Keyblade War, but he wasn't always like this however. He was cool and collected most of the time, but still managed to have a dry wittines and sarcasm that made him a fun guy to be around. Then, of course, the Keyblade War happened and plunged the world into chaos, effectively forcing Rimlian to fight for his life or die.

      And as you can imagine, such an existence would make the hearts of even the most kind and lighthearted people grow cold, as it did to Rimlians.

      Clothing: A set of black hooded robes with crimson embroidery running along the seams of the hood and sleeves, as well as the back and front portions of the outfit.

      Backstory: Rimlian was a Keyblade Master that lived years before the Keyblade War that shattered reality. Although he was already an accomplished Keyblade Master in his own right, Rimlian studied under the Master of Master's anyway, just to hone his skills. During his time with him, the MoM encouraged him to delve into the Darkness and its power. He did so, not out of greed or ambition but a desire for knowledge, completely unaware that the Master of Master's had convinced him to do this as part of an experiment.

      The Master of Master's wished to see if one could control the Darkness without being consumed by it. He had expected Rimlian to fail and succumb to the Darkness but, to his surprise, his apprentice didn't. Instead Rimlian had managed to overcome the Darkness by accepting it into himself, while somehow refusing to let it consume him.

      The Master of Master's took note of this and went off to carry out his other plans. When the Keyblade War broke out, Rimlian fought through it before his Keyblade began emanating a strange and extremely powerful energy that pulled him away from the chaos and into the unknown....

      Attack Potency: Peak Human Level.

      Intelligence: Peak Human Level.

      Quote: "I will find a way back to my own world. Whatever the cost."

      Stamina: Peak Human Level.

      Strength: Peak Human Level.

      Goals: Rimlian wishes to get back to his world and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

      Notes: Rimlian's physical attributes (strength, speed, etc) are increased from Peak Human levels, to Enhanced levels when Rimlian is channelling his aura of darkness.

      Only Rimlian can wield Flux. If anyone else tries to use it but him, it will simply refuse to work, before teleporting back to him in a flash of light.

      Despite his walk into Darkness, Rimlian is not actually evil. He simply wished to learn more about the Darkness and how it functioned in relation to the Light as a universal force. This does not mean he's saint however.

      Flux, like all Keyblades, has a glider form it can shift into. Fluxes glider form is identical to that of the Sidecar Glider, but without the secondary seat attached to its left side, making it a one person vehicle.

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    • Upon seeing the small creatures flying towards him, Felix immediately re-engages the time-stretching ability of his watch. This both slows the progress of the incoming creatures and gives him a bit of time to think.

      "Hmmm... They seem small enough that this might work, but I haven't tested it yet... Oh, what the heck. I'll do it."

      Felix presses another button on both his wristbands, and the air crackles with electricity as the shields suffuse with an incandescent glow and start making a low humming sound. "Sometimes, I've felt like a bug, but this time, I'm the bug zapper..." he said, disengaging the watch and holding both shields out in front of him, in the direct path of the creatures.

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    • The creatures spit a black thick liquind , that splashes on the shield , weakning it. Then they try to grab you with their tentacles.

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    • Using his boots to enhance his jump, Felix jumps to the top of the wall that he was standing up against. He looks at the goo stuck on his shields. "Eugh, gross! Well, I can fix that problem."

      He deactivates his shields for a moment. They flicker and fade out, being made of solid light, sending the goo falling to the floor of the arena, and, consequently, onto the creatures below him.

      "Alright, think, think... Oh, duh! Of course!" Reactivating the solid light shields, Felix jumps down to the creatures, this time using the edges of them to slice into the creatures. "Solid light, sharpest substance I've made, and I didn't think to use these like this... What was I thinking?"

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    • One creature gets cut in half and its lifeless body falls on the ground. The others watch you with their many eyes . They begin to merge each other in one bigger monstruosity. And it's watching you...

      Thelmandur tries to teleport near Felix but Asroth, empowered by the Chaos,  interferes. "Are you all right , Doc?!" He yells to Felix while fighting .

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    • A bright flash of light emanates from the right most section of the arena, momentarily blinding anyone currently looking at it. As the luminance fades however, it becomes apparent that a figure wearing a strange black coat is standing in the place the light had once been, and looking about in a rather confused manner.

      "Where the hell am I?" The figure muttered to himself as he slowly took stock of his surroundings. From the looks of things, it seemed as though he was in the center of a large, ruined, city. One which looked as though it had borne witness to a massive conflict. Making a small "hmming" noise, the figure summoned Flux and tossed it into the air, watching as it shifted into its glider form. Climbing into the seat once it finally flew back down to ground level, the figure shot off into the distance and towards the fresh sounds of combat that rang throughout the devestated cityscape.

      Perhaps whoever was here could tell him what was going on.

      If they didn't kill him first that is.

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    • Thelmandur and Asroth stop the fight , watching the strange figure. "More offerings..."  Asroth says while he channels the power of the Warp.

      Thelmandur quickly steps away toward Felix.

      The creature ( that is fighting Felix) enlarges and emits an energy beam of chaotic energy versus the scientist.

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    • CLICK!

      Time slows down again around Felix, as does the oncoming blast of energy.

      "All right, energy blast versus energy shields. Seriously? I've tested these for this kind of thing", Felix says to himself, a smirk on his face. He adjusts the position of his force fields.


      As the flow of time snaps back to normal, the blast of energy bounces off of one shield, then the other, blowing a rather large hole through the creature. "This should allow you to reflect on that choice of action" Felix says, briefly enjoying the pun in his statement, while keeping an eye on what's left of the creature, just in case...

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    • From the cracked ground a tentacle grabs Felix's leg and make him collapse into the floor. The creature , still alive , attacks the captured enemy but it stops before slashing his guts . Suddendly the creature goes away , toward Asroth

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    • Rimlian sped on for what seemed like hours over the unchanging and ruined terrain, before finally reaching the source of the commotion. Carefully maneuvering around a large pile of rebar perforated rubble, the old keyblade master quickly brought the glider to a halt a few feet away from a group of four strange looking people, as well as a couple of hellish looking creatures, all of which were locked in combat with one another.

      Hopping off of the vehicle, Rimlian caused Flux to shift back into its original key form with a simple flick of his wrist, before summoning it back into his open hand with another small gesture and a brief flash of dark light.

      "Hello!" He called out cheerfully. "I'd hate to interrupt your battle and all..." He said, gesturing to them with his free hand. "But do you know where we are? I seemed to have gotten lost somehow."

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    • Asroth continues to channel the chaos energy , when the creature merges with him . Flesh and metal writhe and reshape into a more demonic and aberrant form.  Asroth roars towards RImlian and yells " THIS WILL BE YOUR TOMB!!".  Then he charges Rimlian.

      Thelmandur teleports near Felix and helps him : "Hey , are you alright? Look, there is another person here.  "

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    • Felix heaves a sigh of relief. "Yeah, I'm all right, but another minute with that thing, and all I'd have been good for would be violin strings... Anyway, I'm alive and my mind is racing trying to figure out how we can defeat that monster of a person we've been fighting. I've come to a conclusion: we need help. If we can team up with that new guy over there, we might stand more of a chance. Let's go talk to him, or try to, anyway, before we're sucked back into battle."

      Upon finishing that statement, Felix started taking flying leaps between walls, pillars, and other outcroppings toward this new arrival, while staying out of range of Asroth.

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    • Rimlian let out a small disappointed sigh as the man charged at him, surrounded by some kind of chaotic aura, his form now more aberrant and demonic. "Why do people always try to kill me everywhere I go?" He mused as he leapt to the side, narrowly avoiding Asroths strike. Readying his keyblade, Rimlian launched a barrage of dark bolts at Asroth before flash stepping away to the rooftop of a nearby building. One relatively close to the other fighters who hadn't tried to attack him upon arrival.

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    • Thelmandur looks the shadow powers of Remlian and says to Felix : "  Mr. Felix , probably you are the most suited to talk with this gentleman... I will face that thing one last time..."

      Asroth protects himself from the bolts using his big arms . ( Asroth now is roughly 3,5 meters tall)

      Then he aims with his Bolt pistol at Rimlian but gets interrupted by Thelmandur.


      "At the beginning I didn't understand why I had to deal with this arena . Why did Eru Iluvatar ask me to join this madness? Now I understand . Because you are a danger for the creation exactly like The Dark Lord and his minions. Gurth gothrim Tel’Quessir !! "

      The duo begin the fight.

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    • Felix lands near Rimlian, shields still up, on the off chance this newcomer would try to attack him.

      "Hello there, did I hear you say you were lost?" Felix asks. "Trust me, you're not the only one here who is... Anyway, my name is Felix S. Katz. Who might you be?"

      While introducing himself, Felix was thinking "Please let this person be open to talking. We need some help..."

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    • Rimlian nodded at the feline looking stranger as he landed next to him on the roof, his eyes still locked on Asroth.

      "Rimlian." He said, leveling Flux at Asroth and casting Firaga. "Rimlian Greylock. And yes you did hear me correctly, for I am lost. Quite lost." The keyblade master explained, watching as the large fireball he cast earlier made its way towards the demonic fighter.

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    • Thelmandur sees the incoming fireball and teleports away , while Asroth takes the full blast . A huge column of smoke and rubble rises from the floor.

      The elf , quite wounded , takes a breath .

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    • Okay, it seemed that Rimlian was open to talking. Felix continued, looking at the destruction that had unfolded before him.

      "We should go. Having fought this guy before, I, personally, wouldn't trust him to be completely dead, even after this. We should find Thelmandur, the elf who was fighting down there, and regroup. Will you join us?"

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    • "I suppose so." Rimlian replied with a nod. "Taking time to regroup and plan is a good idea."

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    • Name: Detective Arnold Krakowski

      Age: 48

      Powers: Peak Human MindEnhanced Brain Capacity

      Skills: Police procedure, PHDs in 25 different sciences, master hacker, genius inventor, pressure point knowledge

      Weaknesses: Human limitations, subpar physical condition, depression, headaches. If cut off from his medication for 24 hours his headaches get progressively worse and his headaches and abilities will fade after 72 hours. Alcohol nullifies his abilities temporarily.

      Backstory: Veteran police detective subjected to experimental medication to improve deductive skills, gained enhanced mental abilities and genius intelligence but also suffers from headaches.

      Quote: "I hate being the smartest one in the room."

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    • Name: Keiser 

      Age: Unknown

      Appearance (Optional):

      Powers:  Enhanced Swordsmanship , Enchanted Armor (grants Supernatural Survivability ), Enhanced Condition Type I, Soul-Bound Weapon, Nether Manipulation  .

      Custom Powers (Optional): Keiser wields the Infamous Sword , that can have four modes:

      - Spatial mode : the blade has Spatial Slicing , that can be used by Keiser ,for example, to block nullify incoming attacks. Moreover Keiser can come in the spatial slice , becoming Imperceptible and Intagible . He cannot attack in this state.

      - Blood mode : the blade has the power of heal Keiser proportionally with the enemies' injuries.

      - Reverse mode : The blade acquires Attack Reversal and Energy Redirection .

      - Binding mode : the blade can bind, imprison or otherwise stop targets ( all variations)

      Weakness(es) : The armor grants him a lot of resistence , but he is absolutly not invicible.

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    • You guys might as well start posting. Doesn't look like the OP is checking into this thread anytime soon.

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    • (Ok)

      A spatial slice appears behind Thelmandur. Keiser comes out . "Ah! I finally reached it..." says smiling. 

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    • "Uh?" Thelmandur turns and sees Keiser. The wounds that Asroth inflicted to him are getting worse and seems infected-like.

      "Another one... **coff** **coff** My name is Thelmandur.Perhaps we should go elsewhere... that monster might come back..."

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    • "Oh have bigger problems to think about now... " And Keiser tries to hit him with a Nether beam through his chest.

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    • Arnold arrives on his motorcycle. 

      "Detective Krakowski, Philadelphia PD. What's going on here gentlemen?"

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    • On their way to where he noticed Thelmandur teleport to, Felix noticed another newcomer preparing to fire a beam of some sort at Thelmandur. He jumped down and across just in time to deflect the beam off of his force fields, so that it hit the wall to their right. Felix finally starts to lose his temper.

      "What in all the HELLS of the multiverse do you think you're doing?! Who do you think you are, trying to kill this man while he's down? At least let the playing field be evened first! Plus, right now, we have a way bigger problem! As in, an eldritch abomination-scale problem!", Felix yells at this newcomer, while looking back in the direction that he'd last seen Asroth.

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    • Thelmandur tries to stand up but his legs tremble so he falls on the ground . Felix notices that the wounds seems to be infected : a red plague splays from the injuries on the torso .

      "Thanks Felix ..." says Thelmandur.

      Asroth seems to be disappeared.

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    • Keiser looks first Felix , then Arnold . "Is there someone worth fighting?"  

      He unsheathes  his sword and walks toward Felix . "I will start with you..."

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    • (Oh, damn. Thanks for participating guys, no one comes into my threads.)

      Abagofsticks appears above the arena, watching the battle unfold.

      (Also, everyone gets an evolution.)

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    • (Oh , ok. Keiser acquires Nether Magic )

      "Oh , it seems that the creator of this Arena is arrived..." says Keiser looking up .

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    • (Arnold evolves and gets Telepathic Static and Sedative Inducement)

      "It appears I got a new ability. Let's see if it works."

      Arnold projects telepathic static at Keiser.

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    • "Argh! You ..."  Keiser suffers a bit the attack. Then he slashes the air that opens and he comes in the hole disappearing. After a few moments Keiser appears at Arnold's back and tries to backstab him. 

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    • (Well , Thelmandur gets Mystical Healing and Purification.

      Asroth gets Organic Abomination , Consumptive Growth .)

      Thelmandur looks at his wounds healing and the energies turning back. "Thanks , Eru. I will not give up..." He sees Keiser's attack at Arnold's back and teleports to parry the blow just in time. "Fight me!!!" Then Thelmandur delivers a flurry of slashes with his light sword.

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    • Keiser deflects Thelmandur's sword with his Reversal mode , that reverse the attacks directly in Thelmandur's face.

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    • Thelmandur maneges to teleport away from him before Keiser's power could strike him. " Wow...That was VERY close...Felix , I need your help with this guy...and also yours ..."Mr Arnold" ? "

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    • (Felix gains "Nine Lives" (can respawn, but only eight times, also with a slight lingering pain remaining from each death) and Replication. Also adding to his arsenal of gadgets (via the "pocket dimensional" storage) a "Gravitational Alteration Beam" (changes the effects of gravitational force upon whoever it's pointed at, effects controlled by a dial on the side))

      "I feel something strange happening", Felix thought to himself, " if I'm getting more in touch with my primal feline side..."

      He feels something in his pocket. "Huh. It's been a while since I've used this..." he said to himself.

      To Thelmandur, Felix says "No problem. In fact, I think I can actually be...", as he splits into two identical copies, "...double the trouble for him. Ha!" He heads off to begin to mess with Keiser.

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    • A crescent vibration comes from the ground . The floor cracks and colossal tentacles ( at least 5-6 meters of diameter and 30-40 meters of height) break down , destroying several buildings. One emerges right between the Felixs and Keiser. 

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    • Keiser dodges the tentacle and uses the Spatial mode to disappear.

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    • The two Felixes look at the giant tentacle, and then at each other.

      "The watch?"

      "The watch."

      They both activate the time dilation function on the watch that each one is wearing. Then, they back off and hold a brief discussion.

      "Hmmm... It seems as if everything on my person was also replicated when I became "us"

      "So it seems. Hey, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

      Oh yeah. Double the firepower! Let's serve up some eldritch sushi!"

      Both Felixes activate their shields again, and then jump back and forth across the area the tentacle is in, slashing with the edges of the light shields, slicing the tentacle to ribbons.

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    • Arnold sighs in relief and looks towards Thelmandur.

      "Thanks, kind stranger. Who do I owe my gratitude to?"

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    • The tentacle seems to react quite fast . The Felixs understand that perhaps Asroth is adapting to the time manipulation.

      Thelmandur says to Arnold:" My name isThelmandur , last of the Noldor , son of Elrohir and Lauriel and Lord of Rivendell. " He bows slightly. Then the time slows thanks to the Felixs.

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    • Abagofsticks thinks to himself. 

      "Seems a little dead here...let's liven things up."

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    • "Choose your fate, A, B, or C."

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    • B

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    • "Heh heh...haven't had to release this beast in years..."

      A dark red portal appears in the dead centre of the arena, pulling in nearby people/things.

      From it, emerges a huge, hellish creature.

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      Name: Netherclaw

      Powers: Superhuman Strength, Black Fire Breath, Black Fire Mimicry, Wings, Black Hole Creation (Last Resort)

      Weakness: Cannot stand Holy or Light attacks/magic.

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    • (Okay , get ready for some good Kaiju shit )

      Asroth lies buried in the earth . He wanted to re-acquire more energy to defeat his opponents  , but now he perceives another powerful , bloodthirsty beast . He cannot repress his instincs anymore.

      He emerges from the ground , destroying an entire city block . Tall 9-10 meters , he roars with bestial might and charges the other beast. 

      Now he looks like this, but he has legs too .

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    • 91179cf96956fb1df38863dd263a7d61
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    • Muscles rippling, Netherclaw screams at Asroth and begins a charge.

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    • Arnold panics at the sight of a giant monster. He tries to use his sedative inducement on the Netherclaw.

      "Thelmandur, last of the Noldor, son of Elrohir and Lauriel and Lord of Rivendell, now would be a good time for some elven magic or something!"

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    • The two monsters clashes with brutal impact. Fangs , claws , blood ... the fight destroy entire buildings and huge boulders fall upon Thelmandur , Arnold and the Felixs.

      Thelmandur uses his Spiritual Teleportation to teleport everybody away , on a neaby building.

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    • Netherclaw takes to the air, and releases a stream of black fire toward Asroth.

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    • Asroth protects himself with his tentacles , and shoots a barrage of chaos energy blasts.

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    • Netherclaw drops to the ground and dodges the blasts.

      He begins to take wild swings at the building the other combatants are on.

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    • Arnold clutches the top of the building for dear life and tries again to use his sedative inducement on Netherclaw, exerting all his energy. He takes his medication.

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    • Thelmandur creates a shield of light to protect him and his allies.

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    • Temporarily tranquilised, Netherclaw becomes paralysed.

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    • The two Felixes become a single Felix again. He reacts to Netherclaw's reaction.

      "Whoa! That's interesting. The moment this light shield came up, that beast became paralyzed. Its weakness appears to be photonic in origin. Hmmm... My shields are made of solidified photons, and they are also sharper than just about anything I can think of. I have an idea. It's risky, but it could seriously weaken this beast."

      To the rest, Felix says "I have an idea to, at least, weaken this thing. Thelmandur, your light shield paralyzed it. Well, I have shields made of light, too, and they're edges are like extremely sharp blades. Multiply that by one-hundred, or even by ten, and I could send that thing into a world of pain! One of me will stay with the rest of you. That way, I can survive the onslaught that this creature dishes out."

      Felix then starts dividing into numerous copies of himself in order to surround the creature, leaving one behind with the rest.

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    • Keiser appears on a building ,at 40 meters from the beast. " What have we here...a Netherclaw ... mhm ... yes, this will work..." Keiser channels the power of the Nether and casts a spell on the Netherclaw that buffs it and improves all its abilties .  Also grants him resistence to the light.

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    • (Just pointing out, Netherclaw can't be immune, just to avoid being unstoppable.)

      With it's power strengthened, Netherclaw breaks free of it's paralysis and notices it being surrounded by Felix copies. It takes flight.

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    • Asroth notices Keiser . Filled with anger, he grabs a construction and eradicate it. Then he throws it at Keiser. 

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    • "Hey, it's the literal backstabber!"

      Arnold tries to sedate Keiser.

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