• Wouldn’t it be cool if people made a video game out of this wiki.

    Here’s how it will look like.

    It will be like team fortress 2.

    Except the weapons/Items are replaced by superpowers.

    Everyone still gets to have hats though.

    Also every player will get their own default superpowers.

    They can get other superpowers through drops or buying them in the store.

    Unlike tf2 weapons. Superpowers will be unbalanced.

    When you receive a new superpower through a drop it will look like this.

    New Item!


    The power to exist in a state of unbirth.

    +You can't be killed as you were never alive in the first place.

    +You exist in a state of paradox.

    -you can still be erased.

    -Absolute life inducement can affect you.

    So our superpower wiki game will be like tf2. There will be hats, taunts, and superpowers instead of guns.

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