• TBH, some people say that powers aren't even real, but I don't think that's true because, powers DO exist in real life. For example, the entire motherload of powers that were categorized for the Real Powers category. Heck, Birds have the power of Flight thanks to having wings. Because there is the side of not believing that powers are real, and the other side that superpowers are real, I do strongly anyone on Earth being in the middle lane instead. Because, there are powers that are real, and heck, what if all the powers documented so far are real and just not documented way back in the past because of the lack of reliable evidence back then?

    Sadly, because technology has been highly advanced nowadays, it is apparent that powers can be faked and are just special effects. In the end though, saying that powers are fake and then real is just all contradictory. This is exactly why I'd rather join the grey zone between not believing in things, and believing them, as it's all just unclear that the powers exists or not.

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