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    in original source there are no demons

    because literally meaning of demon is (Protector God)

    some demons are minor gods

    and others are protogenoi (Primordial God)

    There are same/near myth in Hinduism know as asura

    This is Mythic Demon

    Modern Demons are various types of evil spirit but not all of 72 leaders of hell are Genie

    for example: phenex is Phoenix

    Balaam is Human etc...

    but demons like Asmodeus and Dantalion are spirit or Djinn

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    • AZS

      in addition, every prince from seven have different race

      Lucifer - Fallen Angel

      Asmodeus - Shedim

      Belphegor - Demon

      Beelzebub - Sometimes Merfolk (Son of Dagon) Sometimes Insect (fly)

      Leviathan - Sea Monster

      Mammon - Evil God and Dog

      Satan - Devil or Evil Incarnation

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    • There are many races of demons, and demons, especially christian ones, were known for their shapeshifting abilities. And all demons in christianity were fallen angels. Asmodeus gets transcendent genie physiology as he is cosidered a king of the shedim¬†not a shedim himself. Leviathan was a seraphim, Mammon was a throne or something, beelzebub was a seraphim of the highest rank, lucifer was the king of the archangels, and satan was the accuser, the highest possible rank in creation second only to god himself.

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    • AZS

      also jinn in some source type of low rank angel who guarding the paradise

      but they are made from Poison-Fire or Smoke instead of light

      There are fallen angels among Djinns

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    • True but those 'fallen' were not true angels. They were described as genies with 'angelic shells'. Says so in wikipedia. Like iblis, he was a djinn who was given an angelic appearance, so he was more of a pseudo-angel, a dinn with angelic powers. Also genies were ranked far below angels. They were more coparable to minor gods, or daimons.

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    • AZS

      yes they are comparable

      because they are not angels exactly

      or just weaker version of angels

      most of them minions/servants led by high rank angels and solomon

      I don't Understand what do you mean of angelic shells

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    • AZS

      Angels are overpowered more than ordinary major gods

      also genies are overpower but they are far weaker normal angels

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    • "On the other hand, as a jinni, Iblis is commonly placed as one of the jinn, who lived on earth during the battle of the angels. When the angels took prisoners, Iblis was one of them and carried to heaven. Since he, unlike the other jinn, was pious, the angels were impressed by his nobility and Iblis was allowed to join the company of angels and elevated to their rank. However, although he got the outer appearance of an angel, he was still a jinn in essence, thus he was able to choose when the angels and Iblis were commanded to prostrate themselves before Adam. Iblis, abusing his free-will, disobeyed the command of God. Iblis considered himself superior because of his physical nature constituted of fire and not of clay.[41]¬†God sentenced Iblis to hell forever, but granted him a favor for his former worship, that is to take revenge on humans by attempting to mislead them until the Day of Judgment. "

      Straight from wikipedia. Genies were not even strong enough to cosidered minor angels. If the weakest angel in creation breathed too hard all the djinns in creation would drop dead. Solomon has nothing to do with genies but if you saw a site that says otherwise please send a link.

      On a seperate note i am giving the genie pages absolute condition since they are sometimes looked upon as minor divinities.

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    • AZS


      And when We ordained death for him (- Solomon) the people only came to know of his death through a (worthless) creature of earth (- Solomon's son) that was eating away his (father's) staff (- ruling power and glory). So when it fell down the jinn realized then plainly that had they known the secret (of the hollowness of the kingdom) they would have never remained in (a state of) humiliating torment.

      my comment:

      The Jinn were working for solomon

      but when they learned of his death

      they stopped

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    • Huh, guess i was wrong. Solomon was one wierd bastard, constantly using demons for free labour.

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    • I got it dude.

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