• Hi, so I made different types of powers for a universe idea I have. It’s basically where everyone has powers called Conduits. Here are the different types:

    Affinity: Empowers the user by drawing from something.

    Enhancement: Enhances something.

    Inducement: Causes a status effect onto a target.

    Effect Field: Generates an energy field that causes some kind of effect.

    Power: Affects/relates to superpowers in some way.

    Special Aura: Generates a special kind of aura around the user. (When someone activates their Conduit, an aura of energy appears around them.)

    Immunity: Powers that make the user resist or be immune to something.

    Evasive: Powers that allow the user to avoid detection in some way, shape or form.

    Transportation: Powers that focus on transportation or revolve around the concept.

    Psionic: Basically any mental/psychic power.

    Reduction: Basically the opposite of Enhancement, Reduction powers reduce/weaken something rather than enhance it.

    Negation: Powers that nullify something.

    Transformation: Powers that alter the user’s physical appearance, form, shape, physiology, body properties and/or structure.

    Transmutation: Powers that alter the physical form, properties and/or structure of targets. This category also includes converting something (matter, energy, force, etc) into something else.

    Manipulation: Powers that control, shape and manipulate something. Also allows the generation of something.

    Infusion: Powers that infuse objects with some kind of power/ability.

    Coating: Powers that cover/surround something in some kind of material.

    Projection: Powers that emit something (either matter, energy, force, etc) from the user’s body. Also known as Emission.

    Conjuration: Powers that create something.

    Destruction: Powers that destroy/erase something.

    Absorption: Powers that absorb something and utilize it in some way.

    Striking: Powers that only work through a strike from the user.

    Hybrid: Powers that are a mix of two or more categories.

    Special: Powers that do not belong to any of the above categories.

    Almighty: Supremely powerful and unbalanced powers. (Mostly metaphysical) (also nothing too powerful, like omnipotence)

    Any thoughts?

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    • Looks good, i especially like the hybrid conduit, it looks the best to me out of all of them.

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    • Cool.

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    • Added three new types: Intuition, Support and Striking.

      Edit: Added Evasive.

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    • Ill go with a hybrid infusion conduit. For example first hybridizing an element and as aspect of a force of nature then infusing the results into someone or something. For example combining the sacred principle and light or fire to create sacred light or sacred fire and then infusing say a sword with the result.

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    • That would actually just be Infusion. A Hybrid/Infusion would be more like being able to fire beams and infusing anyone/anything with that same power.

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    • A FANDOM user
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