• Hey everyone! While I'm not an admin or mod, I’m pleased to inform you all that a new effort to get an official discord for the Superpower Wiki rolling is underway! While advertised a week or two ago, it’s not hit the ground running as much as we’d have liked, so we’ll be doubling efforts to spread the word.

    Through discord, feedback on ideas, help with pages, and general guidance or queries can all happen so much faster, and we can all work more fluidly and cohesively in a group on powers and projects for Superpower Wiki. You’ll have more immediate responses from admins of the wiki this way too!

    Whether you’re new to the wikia or been around a while, feel free to join! You’re all more than welcome! It’s a relaxed space to come a hangout, chat, and work on the wiki! We look forward to seeing you over there!

    Here’s the link! -[ ]-

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