• The difference between Aura and Chi/Ki is not at all universal or consistently different from each other in fiction, and regardless of whether or not the staff wants to combine the pages or get rid of one, this is very hard to argue against. Even Aura in HxH lacks the most explicit lore evidence to be considered “Spiritual Energy” to some extent, and whilst I agree that Nen in HXH is spiritual energy rather than “Life Energy” which can be interpreted to mean the same thing or be just bio-energy (based on the trope similarities, the fact that some refer to it as “Chi”), no one ever calls it “Spiritual energy”. 

    Please don’t tell me Spiritual Energy is different from Chi and Aura, because while their might be more than one type of Spiritual Energy in the same way Magical Energy has more than one type and Mana manipulation is a part of it, you don’t need 3 pages for that. Chi and Aura can share a page, with your definition of Aura being explained as the more “emotional” side of it, and Chi being the more physical side. They would ideally be on the same page, with this clarification, on top of demonstrating that these energies or their traits may overlap and combine. This would get rid of people trying to force distinctions between the to when they’re most definitely too similar to be thought of that way. I see that “Life Force” is the basic overall description of the energies, which can be called “Spiritual Energy”, but to have Chi and Aura being considered different things based on distinctions that are far less consistent across verses, is kind of redundant. 

    For example, Ki in Dragon Ball has Spiritual/Mental Components to it, much like Chakra. In fact, Toriyama says the whole thing of it is composed of Mental Components. Yet, we consider it Chi and Physical...? And the distinctions given in the Trivia section of Chi are absolutely made up and aren’t consistent across fiction at all. Hardly any anime I know of uses the 7 Chakras in their Spirit Energy, and many of the verses you list as examples don’t follow a significant amount of the rules to be considered exclusive users of this type. 

    And then you have Nen under Life Force, meaning Life Force and Chi and Aura are all the same thing, with little to no distinctions, making all these different pages trying to say the same thing confusing.  

    I understand that there’s verses where they could be different, but that doesn’t make it good to make up qualities and make up distinctions that don’t exist. I’d rather this cite make “Life Force” as a whole covering more than just Spiritual Energies, and the examples of life force attacks being things that are obviously different— like a force that comes exclusively from living or being alive instead of from a Soul. And Soul Energy is also dubious because it’s also how spiritual energy works, but if we make it explicit that Soul Manipulation is using the Soul itself as a fuel or energy source, rather than using the energy produced by the Soul, which is spiritual energy, much like Spiritual Force manipulation is the control of the power (as in the pressure or output force— that definition does need better articulation, because otherwise it is literally just Chi and Aura again) of the Soul. 


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