• When I ask this, I mean in terms of real mythology. With all these Dragons in media being portrayed as being able to cause earthquakes, stop time, or channeling the essence of life itself, Im a little curious about whether itss accurate or just something added in by Hollywood.

    If anyone can tell, please reply. Were Dragons described as being able to control other elements than Fire?

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    • I guess it depends on your mythology. In WoW there's dragons that do various things, such as control time and give life. 

      Really all the information you need is on the dragon page.

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    • Yeah, but I mean in Real Life Mythology. I know in the lore of video games and cartoons, theyre described as being able to do this.

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    • Oh, then no. Ive never heard of any mythical dragon with powers beyond fire, save for the eastern dragons that have more belief behind them

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    • I have, I've been doing research and actually own a hard cover book that give information of dragons having ties to other elements other than fire and being inherently magical. Be it, Western, Eastern or Lesser Dragons.

      Which would also most likely cause the inspiration for video games, cartoons, anime and movies.

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