• If you had an almighty mind which is a Godlike mind what would you create and think and imagine.

    With an almighty mind you think and imagine in ways no being no matter how powerful can grasp. With an almighty mind God can think 1 tiny INFINITESIMAL thought which is infinite with no effort and it will not only blow the minds of all beings and things but it blow the universe and NOTHINGNESS and blank itself up because of the magnitude and magnificence and GLOURIOUS of that thought which could be a rough idea of the final product.

    If our puny minds can create god , omnipotence and beyond omnipotence and beyond power itself and so on and our puny minds are capped at metaphysics and pataphysics and physics from suggsverse. What can the user of an almighty mind do.

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    • Our puny minds can't imagine what the user of an almighty mind can do ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

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