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    a friend thought a little and saw that it is possible to use the temporal powers to paralyze the particles around his body, making him invisible

    and create a particule-stop aura to move around with that invisible body around there, and making the particules that left them moving again

    I'm almost sure that's right, but I wanted to check ... is it right?

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    • It will turn the user into a pitch-black figure with a 'shadow' that acts as  'picture' of the past. For example, in a room with rapidly shifting color, the photons that show red light might be paused by the aura and when released, it hits the viewer while the room is turning green, causing a red 'shadow.

      For the pitch-black body, it's because the pjotons that comes it contract with the user will be paused, making the user's body as well as the backgroung behind them unable to be seen and result to a 'void' of color aka black.

      Please note that this is purely guesswork and might actually be wrong.

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