• Hello everyone,

    I will be playing soon a new character in a "pirate-anime" RPG campaign.

    I must have 2 skills, Cooking and Navigation. I will prepare the meals and navigate our boat.

    I need to find new skills to add to thoses so it combines well. I thought about machinery, for automatic cooking and tools for navigation, combined with engineering to do everything I want.

    What skill would you suggest ? That can be anything, I'm mainly focusing on the logic between cooking, navigation, and other skills.

    If you have any idea I would be glad to hear them ! I can have literally anything so even if you think that's too absurd or fucked up, don't. We are playing in a custom One Piece where everything in One Piece is possible, and a lot lot more. Don't think about the Devil Fruits in One Piece but what they do basically, and I'll find a way to get it.

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