• Greetings, it is I, Glitch.

    So I need help with an idea for a story I have. P

    They’re called Archons. They’re these demon/alien ghost-like creatures that have the ability to possess people. The people they possess will gain access to special powers, along with the powers unique to their possessing Archon, but at a price they become corrupted by its influence and are motivated by the instinct to destroy all life.

    But lately i’ve been considering another idea. Here’s what it is:

    An Archon is actually divided into two parts: the Soul and the Chrysalis.

    The Soul is a mindless ghost-like orb with the sole purpose to seek out young women. Once doing so, it will phase into their bodies and impregnate them. The fetus that the Soul creates is known as the Chrysalis. The Chrysalis will fully gestate in only a few days, and once born, gains access to dark powers and becomes an Archon.

    In both ideas, their Archon powers may remain dormant for quite some time, only surfacing when the user experiences an intense negative emotion.

    The idea for the Archons comes from the Herrschers from a game called Honkai Impact 3. They’re these girls (sometimes men) that have special powers unique to them, along with the ability to command these beasts called Honkai, (compare with the Archons who can command monsters known as Pandora) but they have split personalities, with one of them always being EEEEEEVIIILLLLLL

    Oh yeah, and Archons follow an angelic theme, and also have incredible psionic powers in addition to death & nether-based abilities, Pandora commanding, portal creation, negativity-based powers, corrosive blood and regeneration.

    So, whaddya think? Which idea should I go with? What needs changing? Should I just scrap it?

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