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    in shortly goblins are devils, demons aligned with neither Heaven or Hell

    they are semi-demonic beings

    the reason what make people confused goblins with trolls

    it is also trolls semi-demonic beings, and also troll confused with fairies

    the reason what make people confused goblins with feys

    it is unlike other enemies goblins and fairy have association to each other

    unlike troll and fairies goblins are scientific beings because they are weak and can't use magic directly, then they are use alchemy and potions

    similar to dwarves they are make the magic by elixir or something not use it directly

    so goblins aren't fey, they are just similar creatures

    but some of goblins types are fey or just have same abilities

    like redcap, kobalos

    but the kobaloi more like humans, than goblins, dwarves or sprites

    but trow is base goblin not fairy

    maybe I will send links laters

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