• Hi all

    The editor window is pain in the ass, it's very small so I made this small bookmarklet to temporarily resize the window when you enter editor modeĀ :)

    • Just drag & drop this code in bookmark bar
    javascript:(function(){ var style = document.createElement(%27style%27), styleContent = document.createTextNode(%27.WikiaPage { width: 1300px !important; } .wikia-rail-inner { display: none !important; } #WikiaMainContent%20{%20width:%20100%%20}%27);%20style.appendChild(styleContent%20);%20var%20caput%20=%20document.getElementsByTagName(%27head%27);%20caput[0].appendChild(style);%20})();
    • or go to: Bookmark -> right click -> New Bookmark -> chose a name in name field and paste the code in the location field. (Firefox)
    • Now go to any page and open the editor --then-> go and open the bookmarklet.
    • The effect of full width will disappear after you refresh the pageĀ :) happy editing

    If anyone not trust me this is the original code before I transfer it to bookmarlet format.

    .WikiaPage {
    width: 1300px; /*wiki editor full width*/
    .wikia-rail-inner {
    display: none; /*disable the right sidebar*/
     width: 100% /*wiki Content full width*/
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