• If you've followed the other 2 then you probably know what's going on

    Basically One person makes a wish the next person corrupts that wish

    No Repeat Wishes

    No Repeat Corruptions

    No saying your wish can't be corrupt or shirt like that

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    • I wish for Chronokinesis

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    • Granted, with one caveat. This power needs an item to focus the power through. Say, for example, a pocket watch. At one point, during the use of your chronokinetic abilities, at a point when you needed to stop the flow of time for some reason, the watch breaks to an irreparable point, leaving you stuck outside the flow of time, in effect vanished from existence from everyone else's point of view. You, how ever are surrounded by a still, silent world, where, over time you completely lose your sanity in an unsuccessful attempt to find a suitable replacement item to focus your power through.

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    • I have Elemental Manipulation

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    • A FANDOM user
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